Monday, January 16, 2012

Wedding Flash Back!!!!! (part 2)

Our Wedding Overview!!!

The next set of pictures were taken before the ceremony started as everyone was coming in and being seated. Parts are from were the ceremony took place and some of the people that helped out with everything. For our flowers arrangements we had all fresh flowers from a local florist, red Gerber Daisy's were the main flower used. 

The first picture below was made in memory of both our grandpa's that had passed away. My papa is on the left & his is on the right. My Uncle (pictured below) wrote on the frame "In Loving Memory of Two" and their name were under their picture. During the beginning of the ceremony we walked over together and lit the candle to represent them being there and part of our day. I was very close to my papa and so this was very special to me. I never imagined I would ever get married with out him there and though he may not have physically been there I know he was there with us. 

Unity Candle 

Flower arrangements.
Lovely ladies, passing out programs 

 Carla, helped w/ guest arriving

Uncle Richard & Aunt Vonda
~ brother & sister ~

Were the Ceremony took place.
The white fabric was rolled out right
before I walked down the aisle. 

Stay tune for more of our wedding flash back to come.


Brittany said...

Beautiful! Love the flowers are how you honored your grandpas...really special :)

Mrs. Robinson said...

It's so gorgeous! I love the red gerber daisies. LOVE. And it was really sweet what y'all did for your grandpa's. It's sad when people we love miss such important events, but it's always sweet when people Incorporated them into events they would have wanted to share.