Saturday, January 14, 2012

Off Days!

DAY 92

Today was different, we hadn't had one of these days in a good while and I wasn't liking it. Normally its the hubbs who gets up bright & early for work and comes and kisses me goodbye. Not today though he was sound asleep when I went to kiss him goodbye as I headed out for work myself. He has a 4 day weekend with Friday & Monday off. I have Monday off but had to work today, I could have taken off today but decided I'll save my vacation days for another time.
I will admit it was rather sad having to leave him home while I went to work. Knowing I wouldn't be getting off till 5pm, that was just time we were missing out on being together. Stupidly we didn't think about having a lunch date till last night when it was to late since the hubbs was taking the car into get looked at right during my lunch hour.

yummy pizza!!!

So we decided on a dinner date at home enjoying some pizza from our new favorite place "The Pizza Joint." It reminds me so much of the pizza I've had in NYC, I can't wait to take the hubbs I know he will be in pizza heaven. I called ahead & placed our order knowing they would be swamped and sure enough they were. I'm glad we decided to take it home instead of eating there. It was a nice relaxing night after a very long cold day at work. I've been doing so good about watching what I eat and my calorie intake that I don't feel guilty splurging every once in a while. Seriously what better way to do that then with some yummy pizza, oh and I may have made a chocolate cake for dessert. :)

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