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Drill School is in FULL SWING!!!!!

and he's still NOT loving it

DAY 99

(it is a long one but totally worth reading I promise!!!!)

My husband always continues to amaze me with all that he does. The Army has really opened up some amazing doors for him. He has been able to go places and see things that most of us would never wish for and yet he enjoys every minute of it for one reason or the other.
Wednesday he started Drill School that will carry out for the next 9 weeks. This was one thing he was NOT looking forward to doing through out his career in the Army but he was DA selected for the job. Wednesday morning he had to report at 0800 and didn't end up getting home till about 2030, for you nonmilitary people thats 8:30pm :(. When he did finally make it home I picked his brain with loads of questions on how his day was. Long story short he said it was gay and was going to be a long 9 weeks & they made mention that his hair was to long. (which he had gone to get cut the day before) He didn't at all seem worried about it and said he was going to ride it out as long as he could. So typical of him.
Thursday night he called me about 1930 to tell me he was on his way home. He said he would have been home 30 minutes earlier but he went to the PX to get his hair cut. That riding out didn't last to long I told him. He said they commented on it again this time saying the front was to long. (really, his hair to long, come on now he's going through school not freaking basic) When he got home I had made him dinner and we were in the kitchen talking and he said he had some good and bad news for me. I freaked because today was the BIG PT test that either made you or kicked you to the curb out of school. Basically if you didn't pass you got kicked out right there on the spot. I asked him a few times before if he was worried about passing and he said no not at all. Still that didn't mean I wasn't worried.
So the first thing out of my mouth to his good news bad news was "you didn't pass the PT test".  "I PASSED, I would have been home hours ago if I didn't pass." The bad news was he had Staff Duty on Sunday which is their day off. (school is Mon.-Sat.) (Staff duty for a normal unit is a 24 hour shift which takes place at the battalion or unit building) The good news was that through out drill school staff duty was only two hours. Freaking awesome I can handle that one, he then told me that his hours on Sunday were from 0500-0700 in the morning so I would still be asleep when he got home. Meaning we would still have the whole day together. After that he told me of a few other days that he had SD he said I have it on the 20th from 0100-0300, really so like tomorrow morning. He said NO the 20th, right babe tomorrow is the 20th remember today is the 19th. By this point its about 8:45pm and so I said you have to be there in like less then 5 hours. I then asked him what time he had to report in for formation and he said 0400, are you seriously. You should have seen the look on his face when he figure out he had his days wrong. I felt horrible for him and just gave him a big hug. The rest of the night was very short lived he was in bed by 9:00pm.

Friday night he called about 2045 to tell me he was finally on his way home, I hate that they keep them there so late. Really its so annoying but not much we can do about it. I had left over pizza from lunch for him for dinner and he was in heaven. Seriously its the simple things that make him smile.
I asked him how his day was and he just laughed and said I had lunch with the SERGEANT MAJOR OF THE ARMY.  He then proceeds to say I don't know why in the world they sent me to go. He was one out of a handful of guys were picked from his class to go. I asked him why he was shocked that he was picked to go. Apparently he made a racial comment during class today,

 NOW WAIT before I go on let me just stop and say that by no means is my husband racist at all. He his a man of many words and simply does not have a censor. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. If know him at all you will understand what I mean by this. He has been told by many of the instructors and other Drill SGT's here that they really like him because he is so real and speaks what is on his mind. 

So back to class ~ he made the comment during class that he hates Arabic people. The girl sitting next him just so happened to be Arab, and just as she was about to call him out on it a instructor stopped him. He then proceeded to correct himself, saying "what I should have said and what I mint was I hate Arab people that shoot at me." (being deployed twice now is were this comes from) At this point Im shaking my head because there is a perfect example of my non-censored husband. He said after class before going to lunch with the SMA he and the girl from class had a talk and he made sure that she understood what he was meaning to say. Thankfully she was kinda hearted and completely understood were the comment came from and the air was cleared. Him and one of the instructors also had a chat about it and  made sure things were cleared over. This is when he asked why he was selected to go to the lunch. The  instructor proceeded with "you are outspoken, you don't hold anything back, you are real, we believe you are going to make a great Drill SGT and I know you will have good questions to ask him. Apparently they were told to make sure and think of good questions to ask the SMA when they went to lunch. Not that he didn't appreciate being given this opportunity he is just not one to stand in the spot light and drawl attention to himself or jump up and down with his hand in the air saying oh pick me pick me.
I asked him how it went and what questions were asked from the other guys. He said they all asked lame typical questions pertaining to the Army downsizing and Promotions. I asked if he asked different questions and he said yes but I didn't think to ask what he asked. lol At one point the SMA asked who was DA Select for Drill and 2 other guys along with the hubbs raised their hands. He asked them how they felt about it and the two guys came back with "I'm really happy to have this opportunity, I look forward to bettering the army and new soldiers, along with some other crap he said". When he looked at the hubbs and asked him how he felt about being selected for drill he answered with "I called branch when I came down on orders for drill because I don't want to be here. I've only been a  SSG for a year & a half and I want my squad leader time. I want to be out on the line doing fun stuff, not training New Bee's."
(again non-censored / speaks his mind to WHOEVER)

You really did NOT say that to him did you, I asked as I'm seriously laughing & shaking my head. Ya I did he said its the truth and he asked how I felt so told him. The SMA told him that he completely understood because many times in the Army his has been asked / told to do things that he didn't want to do at the time. But that it only made him a better Soldier.

After lunch the SMA pulled the hubbs aside to give him some words of encouragement, shook his hand and gave him a coin. (pictured below) I asked him if everyone there got a coin and he said yes, he was just the only one he took time to talk with individually. Yeah go figure that one, dork.
He really does say the craziest things but he truly does mean well.
He said he did enjoy meeting him even though he still didn't understand why he was picked.

I know he is going to make a great Drill SGT as much as he doesn't want to be here doing this. Its what the cards have dealt for now and they must be played out. I hope we are able to find our groove through school and that the time goes by fast. I'm hoping once he gets on the trail (starts training soldiers) he will start to enjoy it more. This is a two year assignment so end of March Early April will officially start our two year count down to getting out of the South. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! 

US Army Coin given to the Hubbs
From Raymond F. Chandler III
14th Sergeant Major of the Army

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