Sunday, January 22, 2012

oUr LaZy SuNdAy

DAY 101
Today was a bit different then normal Sundays for us and its something I'm going to have to get use to at least for the next 8 weeks. 
The hubbs only day off right now is Sundays, during the week he is working from 4am-9pm or later. It really sucks and I don't understand how they can have class that late every night but thats the army for you. Before we went to sleep last night I asked the hubbs what he wanted for breakfast in the morning after he got back from Staff Duty. UGH, yes even on his day OFF he had to go in for 2 hours from 5am-7am. I was still in bed when he got home so its not like it was time we were really missing out on together but it was sleep he was missing out on. He has been so tired the last 4 days I can only imagine how its going to be in a few weeks. 
Any how back to breakfast, he wanted pancakes BLAH....I LOVE pancakes but I am not a fan of the mix he picked out from the commissary. I offered to go get his favorite Dunkin Donuts while he went in to work but nah, he wanted pancakes. So like a good wifey I made him what he wanted and had myself some as well. As I was making breakfast he was out back with the pups and I kept thinking yay its only Saturday.......wait no its not, its freaking Sunday we only get one full day together. 

After breakfast we took the pouches on a walk, we've been trying to take them out at least once every weekend. This gives them a chance to really run around, go crazy and get all their energy out. I love taking them out, it makes me smile so much to see them running around enjoying the great outdoors. I snapped a few videos on my cell when we were out and wanted to share one with you.

After our walk we decided to take a trip to Target, the hubbs needed a few things for school and I wanted to see if they had something back in stock that I'd been looking for. Sadly they didn't have what he was looking for but lucky for me they had what I was looking for. I finally broke down and purchased my first Ipod Nano and its PINK, this is the first Ipod of any sorts that I own. I know crazy right how have I gone this long with out one. I've been running while using me cell phone in a arm band listening to Pandora but lets just say thats its become a b~sting to get in and out. I'm not techno savvy at all so I had been hesitant about purchasing one but the hubbs assured me I would be fine and he would help me set it up. I can't wait to go on my run tomorrow and try this baby out, I'm so sure that it will be much more enjoyable to run with. 

Before heading back to post we stopped for a quick lunch at a place called "Cook Out". I've been wanting to try it out for a few weeks now and every time we are out I completely forget about it till we pass it after we've already had lunch or its not that time. Today we REMEMBER, to best describe it you could say its a burger joint with a little bit of everything else and milkshakes. I went with a BBQ plate that came with french fries, coleslaw & huss puppies total cost $3.99 & the hubbs had a Chicken plate that came with fries $3.99, I also got a sweet tea that was $2.00. Our entire meal was less than $11.00 I was in love and couldn't believe how good the food was for such a awesome price. We will for sure be visiting back again, I so wanna try their milkshakes but it was just way to cold out for that today. 

As we headed back on post this was the truck in front of us. The hubbs made a comment to the gate guard about it possibly being some type military explosive devises. That's when he said "no its 1200 boxes of pizza....PIZZA...... 1200 boxes really thats a whole lot of pizza. The gate guard said they were headed to the Solomon Center which is the community center on post. The pizza was all bagged up in black trash bags, I'm sure to make transporting easier. But gosh I would hate to be the person eating them, it was so cold out and who knows how long the have been sitting there while they loaded it all up. When we got up to the red light next to the truck we noticed the truck ahead of this one was also loaded down in the back with bags of pizza CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the afternoon we spend at home relaxing and being lazy, the hubbs went to a study group the guys were holding for a hour. I took advantage of him beginning gone and ran to the commissary for a few things. I feel like we've done really well together this week with him having to take extra time outside of work to study & sleep during odd hours. The only thing I'm still trying to figure out is how I'm going to manage dinner. Not knowing when he will get off each night makes it hard to plan what we are having and when to cook. I want him to be able to come home to a freshly cooked meal, not leftovers that I made a few hours prior that he has to heat up. However at the same time I don't want him to have a super late dinner because I know he's going to be tired when he gets home, wanting to get some sleep shortly after. 
Any suggestions ?!?!?! We do at least one maybe two crock pot meals a week, and that always seems to work really well for us. 

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