Friday, January 27, 2012

Get in my BELLY!!!!!!

DAY 106

Its been one of those days......or should I say one of those WEEKS!!!! 
Were this was much needed. 
It's always 5 O'clock some were right?!?!?! 

As soon as it hit 5 O'clock here in the South I was off work & headed out the door. I was so ready to lay back & enjoy the weekend. I needed it heck WE needed it so badly. I made a pit stop by the Class Six on my way to the house & picked up a couple bottles of our favorite Moscato d' Asti wine. Last night the hubbs said he might be at work as late as midnight tonight, I wasn't looking forward to that. I was determined to stay up till he got home and we would enjoy a glass together. He needed it as much as I did if not more. Much to my surprise my phone started ringing about 5:30pm and it was MY LOVE calling to tell me he was off work and headed HOME for the evening. YAY!!!!! 
We decided to take advantage of his early evening, we took the pups on a short walk & then went out for a wonderful dinner date. He passed his first 3 tests in Drill School today so celebrating was a must, plus we needed some US time. We had decided on Olive Garden but the wait was crazy long so we changed it up & though we would give Carrabba's a try since neither of us had been there before. We had a great dinner, a wonderful waitress & best of all plenty of us time with out anything interfering. I'm so glad we ended up going out for dinner I really enjoyed our little date. It was totally unplanned and a nice change from the normal that we have been living over the past couple weeks. 
Needless to say we never ended up popping that bottle of bubbly, shortly after we got home we both were so ready for bed it has been a LONG day. 
I can guarantee that we will dive into it tomorrow night though. Umm I can't wait so so yummy. 

Whats your weekend splurge after a long ruff week ?!?!?!?! 


Dale said...

Aww this is such a cute post and I definitely know days like that. I think mine is just relaxing on the couch or maybe going out for a bit and treating myself to my favorite meal :)

Thanks for sharing


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Girlfriend, I am right there with ya! We go wine tasting every friday afternoon :) We bleong to a wine club and get free tastings of 7 regional wines whenever we go. They even have a play area for for this family!

Mrs. Robinson said...

Carrabba's is SO good! I'm glad y'all had such a great weekend. :) Surprises like that..unplanned dates...they're just a different kind of special.

My splurge after a long, week? Hmm...maybe the occasional cigarette..even though I've quit. haha or a night on the sofa watching SVU. :)