Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Hobbies

DAY 86

We haven't been to the range in two weeks because it was closed for the Holidays. Needless to say the hubbs was super stoked about going today. He had everything packed up and ready the night before, almost like he was leaving on a trip, it was all sitting by the door. I had to laugh because it was so cute how excited he was. He is truly in his element when he is at the range (out of uniform) and able to fire his own weapon. 

I <3 watching him shoot!

One of his buddies from work came and joined us out at the range for a bit. I was quite parietal to his shirt, a bit of sadness was was shed as you know Hawaii has a special place in our hearts. I didn't talk to him much so I'm not sure if he was stationed there before or the story behind the shirt. But it made me happy to see a bit of Aloha in the South.

I miss Hawaii so much!

Everyone else had the same idea, lets hit up the range its been closed for two weeks for Christmas Eve & New Years Eve. I'm sure a lot of them like the hubbs was out playing with their new toys they had received for Christmas. I can't say that we have seen it this busy since we started going, thankfully there was a spot on the end for us to set up.

His spread, I have a feeling this is only the start of a large collection of guns in our future. I've really enjoyed getting to go our and shoot with him. I did some when I was younger with my dad and brother, we would go shooting at the river house. Dad has shot guns and they were a bit intimidating then but now that I'm older I'm able to handle it better.

Breaking in the new home defense weapon as he likes to call it. "You never know what could happen when I'm gone so you have to be prepared" words spoken from the hubbs.

You have to pick up your shells when you are done and put them in a collection to be disposed of properly. Unless you reuse them of course and pack your own shells. I generally will pick them up when the guy running the range calls cease fire, this also allows you to go down and adjust your target if need be. I hate waiting till the very end because then there's so many to pick up and it seems to take forever. This is what I collected between one of about 5 rounds of shooting. Thankfully the hubbs has been stock piling on ammo so we have plenty left for next weekend.

Guess who picked all these up. 

Next weekend they are finally opening the new range here on post. Its been under renovation for the last few months so we have not been to it yet, it will be interesting to see how its going to be set up. We've heard its a bit different then this one. Hopefully we are able to make it out first thing when they open at 8:00am so we are able to get some good shooting time in. I really look forward to going to the range with my love. Its a great way for us to bond and spend time together doing something different that we didn't get to do in Hawaii. Not to mention seeing him so happy about it is the icing on top of the cake for me!!!!


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

Im dying to learn how to shoot! i cant wait to be on base where Ill have the opportunity to learn!

wHiT said...

I've only been shooting once. But the husband is bound and determined to get me into it more. :)

Tare June-H said...

My husband actually never cared for guns before he went into the Army. I have shot a couple of times and actually at an indoor firing range. Off duty police officers work there and one said I am very accurate and he said most women are better at men. I like to use a .45.

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

You are one brave, chickadee! Even though my dad had a ton of guns in the house growing up, I've never liked them. I'm glad you two are able to bond over your new hobby though. My hubby also has that Hawaii shirt, too :)

lilmoomoo said...

I've shot a couple different guns of my dad's before.. but I never really had interest in it when I was "younger".
I've also shot a bow. Now that, is NOT fun. haha
Now, I keep begging Snookums to take me shooting!!! I want to do it SO BAD!
I think we're going to try to go this weekend :)

Looks like fun!!!!

Brittany said...

Looks fun! You are definitely a Texas it! :)

Jamie said...

I want a gun badly. Some day :)