Thursday, January 19, 2012

Soldier UP!!!

DAY 98

Suck it up & Suck it in ~ That's what My Soldier would say!!!!

(the lighting in the spin room is horrible, sorry for the awful picture.)

Talk about a hard core work out tonight, I'm beat and its still early. When I went in to spin class this evening I was already on the bike warming up when the instructor walked in. She looked over at me and smiled as she said go grab a set of hand weights. hahaha I just looked at her and kinda chuckled as if she was crazy or I miss understood her. She got on her bike only to notice that me & the other guy in the class (the classes are small maybe 2-3 people total) hadn't moved. She said it again, "go grab a set of hand weights, we are going to work on upper body". You have really got to be kidding me :( there was only one set of 4lbs weights which I was lucky enough the other guy let me have.
We started off on our normal routine with the weights just sitting there staring at me in the face. I kept thinking in my head "I wonder how well this is going to go over". Much to my surprise I did  a lot better then I though I would. I was worried about sitting on the bike and sliding forward as we were lifting and making a fool of myself having to stop every couple minutes. We ended up doing about 15 minutes up upper body lifting, I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow I can feel it already.
Is it weird for me to say that I really like the spin instructor ?!?!? I mean she is really great (spouse, its the same girl that did class when you were here, shocking right lol) so motivating and encouraging. Always pushing us that extra "mile" and pumping us up to make it through the end of class.
I'm really glad that I found something else that I enjoy doing, for me its so much easier to go to a class and get a good work out, vs. working out on my own. I seem to push myself so much more when I have someone instructing me on what to do.
I ended up staying after class this evening to talk to the instructor about something. I have flat feet which means I don't have a bone holding my foot up to support my ankle, which means I don't have a arch in my ankle. Hard to explain but basically this causes the inside of my ankle to hit the bike pedal bar as it goes around. I can handle the pain for the most part but sometime my left ankle ends up hurting worse then the right, simply from it knocking against the bar. I wanted to see if she had any suggestions on a quick fix for it. She had me show her what I was talking about and sure enough she was able to see how my ankles not supported. She suggested getting a fitted ankle brace to help support my foot and hold my ankle up. She also encouraged me to talk to my doctor on options for what I could do to have this corrected. I'm pretty sure I know were my doctor would go with this and frankly that's not a road I want to go down. I have managed to push through the pain for the past 20 something years now and I think I can continue to. I love to water ski, run and just be out and about, I work full time and have a home to keep up with, so the option of having surgery to fix the problem is not the solution I am looking for. As I was leaving she told me that she really enjoys me coming to her spin class and doesn't want to loose me. I insured her I wasn't going any were and she could count on me being there next week!!!!
The hubbs has always said if our kid get my good looks and his ankles then we will be good.

I don't know if you can tell much of a difference in the pictures below but in person its a crazy difference. Whenever I point it out to people they always say how strange or weird it is. Yes I know crazy I have weird ankles thanks for reminding me.
Standing normal with no support,
you can see how my right ankle
(smaller heart tattoo foot) goes in more.

Standing straight having to hold my
ankles up, which hurts to do after a few minutes.
You can see how the right ankle still isn't fulling straight.


Thurmonstrosity said...

Oh gosh! I definitely see a difference!
Also, out of curiosity.. do your shoes hurt at the joint on your big toe? Not to freak you out or get overly medical.. but I had to have bunion surgery several years ago to correct the bone growth.
Either way.. You should definitely see a podiatrist! I know surgery is no fun but it wouldn't hurt to talk to the doc! You never know what long-term complications might arise..

Sorry I know thats like an overly personal comment but I enjoyed reading your blog!

:) Claire

Pris said...

Girl I have flat feet too! thats why i catn run, i feel like even when i walk i walk at an angle lol i know sounds weird but i swear i feel like i cant walk/run in a straight line bc of my feet lol. i hope to do spin class when we move! im really looking forward to it!