Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Commissary Shopping Adventure

DAY 108

Before the hubbs started Drill School he told me he probably wouldn't want to go deal with the craziness of the commissary shopping while he was going through school. Ok, I suppose I can deal with doing it on my own for a couple trips. I HATE THE COMMISSARY, when I moved to Hawaii the first time I went he was still deployed. Lets just say I NEVER went alone again unless it was just for one or two things. That place is a freaking nightmare and its no different here. It's always been our thing to sit down together figure out our meals for the weeks to come for that month and then I make the shopping list. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to the list, I type it up on the computer by category and aisle to make for a easier shopping trip. 
This week I figured I'd go before the guys / military got paid to avoid the massive crowds and un~stocked shelves. I had my list in hand ready to go, I asked the hubbs if he wanted to go one last time in hopes he would feel pity on me and say yes but it didn't happen. He was going to stay home and study. Ok Ok, you get a free pass because your in school right now but buddy I tell you when you graduate its back to the BOTH of us. lol. 

When I got to the Commissary thankfully it wasn't to crowed and I was able to get a decent parking spot along with a cart. This is rare here because everyone one and their old retired self likes to use more then one cart. I decided that I wouldn't rush myself in hopes of not forgetting anything on my list and having to back track through the store. See my "Runner" wasn't with me and I didn't want to have to go back for something I missed on a previous aisle, that's what the hubbs is for. Oh and pushing the cart, I hate pushing the cart, especially with a 45lb bag of dog food on the bottom of it. Sure I could have got it last and made pushing the cart easier but my luck I would have for gotten and the pups wouldn't of had food. 

 We have a very small commissary, I was just about done. After I would say about a hour, I told you I took my time. I had to look up a couple items to figure out what they were or were they were located. I also searched and made sure to get the best deal on each item I was purchasing. Picking up some fresh fruits and veggies before I headed to the check out I was walking through the bread section when I happened upon a shelf that I knew the hubbs would LOVE. How we've missed this before I have no clue, or maybe its new. Anyhow I was so excited, it was his all time favorite cookie ever. He seriously loves these soft frosty lemon cookies and we can never find them any were. A couple times we found them at the commissary in Hawaii but after that they were either always sold out or never in stock to begin with. His mom would send them to us for the longest time, but after a while they stopped stocking them at the commissary were she did her shopping. Its probably been a good year or more since he's had any and so as soon as I saw them I grabbed a few boxes, snapped a picture and sent it to him. 

Me~look what I found!!!
(picture below)

Hubbs~ that's a Hell of a find!!!!!!

I started laughing so hard right there in the middle of the aisle because it was just so funny. I knew he would be excited about them and sure enough he was. I don't know if we just hadn't paid attention before or if it was just the fact that I was taking my time and looking at every square inch of the shelves as I shopped but I was so glad I came across them. It's little things like this that makes me smile, he is so easy to please when it comes to yummy snacks and sweets. :) I hope they keep them in stock here and its not just a tease. I've gown quite addicted to them as well. 


Jenn said...

Ugh, I know where you're coming from with the commissary shopping. I never seem to run out of anything (anything!) until a payday. We went yesterday morning and while it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, it still stunk. Lol

wHiT said...

mmmm they look and sound good! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't like pushing the cart either. Its too heavy!

lilmoomoo said...

Um hello! You sound like a serious shopper!
Look at you typing up the lists and aisles!!
Do you coupon at all.. it sounds like you would be organized enough to do it!!

I bet I would like those cookies too.. I LOVE LEMON anything