Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Its Snowing!!!!!

DAY 82

Let It Snow Let It Snow!!!!!!

(I found a sweet little poem on line & added it to their art work, posted below ~ everyone seems to really like the board, its awesome to get so many complements on it)

"Every child is like a snowflake, Unique in beauty and design. Each Sparkles in a different way, Some playful, some refined. Unlike fragile snowflakes, That fade when the sun appears, Children Grow yet more beautiful with every passing year."

Today was my first official full day at work on my new schedule, back to the grind of things after 2 1/2 weeks off. I absolutely love that the school I work for follows the public school schedule as well, so when they are closed so are we. I've subbed full days a good couple of times since I've started there but I haven't worked 8 hours 5 days a week since I left Hawaii. I was prepared to be completely exhausted through out the day but thankfully I wasn't.
Since it's a new month that only mint one thing, a NEW bulletin board outside out room. I offered to put together this months board since they rotate between the teachers in the room. (there's 3 of us) I'm still kinda new, I'm really trying to show them everything I can bring to the table and offer. I had a blast working with the kids helping them paint their clouds. April will be the next month for me to do the board and I'm already thinking of ideas on what I want to do.


wHiT said...

Super cute hun.


lilmoomoo said...

I just can't even imagine how tired I am going to be when trying to work a whole day after all this time I've had off!!
(almost half a year!)

Your bulletin board is adorable! great job!
Glad you are enjoying it there :)

lilmoomoo said...

PS do you have an email account linked up to your blog??
I keep trying to email you back whenever you leave comments and I can't tell if they are actually getting sent to you or not!!
blogger is so weird sometimes...

Kendra said...

That is the CUTEST poem Ever!