Monday, January 23, 2012

Its so ugly!!!

DAY 102

Its been really rainy a lot here the last few days, I don't mind it at all as long as I don't have to get out in it. Today has been super crazy foggy, I haven't see it this bad ever here, not even in Hawaii or in Texas. 
I left for my lunch to go drop off the Subaru to get fixed, from the fender bender and when I walked out side I was greeted with FOG. Thank goodness we went yesterday so I could figure out how to get to the body shop. I would have been a nervous wreck driving across town in this mess, not knowing were I was going. 
It only seemed to get worse as the day went on and it got later. I figured for sure it would be cleared up some what once I got off work. But I was wrong, as I was leaving I could barley see the cars in front of me. When driving through post I passed the hospital but you couldn't even tell the building was there until you were right next to it. 
I stopped by the small lake / pond near our house and took a few pictures. This still doesn't do it justice on how foggy it was out. But I though they were pretty cool and water to share. It's like a ghost town around here right now, there aren't many cars out and I'd didn't see many soldiers out either. 

The tree line goes on & on but you can't see it after a while do to the fog. 

This bridge leads out to look over the lake. 

Looking out back from our patio 

I took the pups for a walk when I got home since they had been inside all day. I was a little nervous because I couldn't see the cars passing me till they got right up close with there lights. I'm really hoping this doesn't hang around to long, because it doesn't set well with my hair lol. 


wHiT said...

even if they are gloomy, that first picture is a great one!

Mrs. Robinson said...

Well, I would probably be super mad if the weather was like that where I live. And my hair would make me resemble whoopie goldburg or something, but the pictures looks GORGEOUS. Did you take them with your phone?! They look pro.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on Jamie's blog. We really have enjoyed moving around with the Army and getting to experience so many different cultures and areas!

That fog is crazy, but the pictures you captured of it are really beautiful!

lilmoomoo said...

Girl, I feel you with this weather?!
It has been soooo gloomy and dark here where we are!!
Of course, the trees and fog don't help either!

I am loving the pictures.. especially the 2nd one. That is awesome!

I finally am getting around to posting my questions from the "Tag" game you tagged me in :)
I put your button in my post too! It will be up tomorrow!

Hope your having a good week!!!