Monday, January 16, 2012

Walk on the Wild Side!

DAY 94 

Ok so it really wasn't a wild walk but it was a lovely peaceful one together. A co-worker of mine told me about another "board walk" type of park in the area, so we decided to go check it out today. K along with a couple other people I work with kept mentioning that it was next to the old prison here in Columbia. I was confused because when we drove up I was looking for the prison and couldn't find anything. There was a small water plant to the right of us as we started down the path but it looked nothing like a prison. We made our way a little further down and there on the left hand side stood a single brick wall that looked like it had been cut in half. You could tell it had been there a while with the trees and grass grown around it. We came to the conclusion that it was referred to as the Old Prison because well it wasn't there any more, it all made sense after that. 

We had to walk across this bridge to get to the path that followed along the canal. It reminded me of Kauai and some of the bridges we drove across when we were there. Only this wasn't wide enough for a car to across and it sure as heck wasn't as pretty as Kauai. 

"The view from the inside looking out", there's a old school house building that housed some of the water pump circulation system and we were able to walk through.

I'm pretty sure this was the back wall of the old prison, or at least a part of it. From the looks of it and the way it mimicked the other single standing wall it seemed to make sense. Looks like over the last few years it was just made into a retaining wall that runs off the canal.

Enjoying our last free,
 weekend b4 drills school starts.

The Conagree river that we walked over the Christmas break ran along the left side of the path as we walked along the canal trail. I was much prettier on the river side but still a beautiful walk and we really enjoyed our time out together.

Do you remember the gum ball tree ?!?!?! Well that's what we called them growing up, we always found them around my mamaws house. They sure do hurt like crazy if you happen to step on them with no shoes. A few times when we were out at Bellows beach (in HI) I stumbled across a couple with out my shoes on and that was no bueno. Trying to skip over them on my runs has become quite the challenge that I've managed to over come.

There are some really nice parks here in the area that we have started to enjoy so thats nice. I'm hoping we are able to spend more time out here over the next two year.


Brittany said...

Pretty! And we have a gum ball tree in our backyard...those things hurt :(

wHiT said...

Awe I love your photos! They are beautiful!