Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Wobble WHAT ?!?!?

"Extraordinary People do Extraordinary Things!!!
James our zumba instructor kept saying this during class & it really stuck with me!!!

DAY 100

I totally wasn't feeling it this morning when the alarm went off at 7am. I wanted to sleep in and be super lazy, but I reminded myself that I made a commitment. I had to be at the AC Jackson Wellness Center by 8:30 for the 5K Memorial walk / run they were doing. I wrote about how I signed up for it earlier last week after Zumba, you can read about it here. 
I sucked it up, got my booty out of bed and got ready shortly later was out the door. There was a 50% chance of rain today and the event was set to go on rain or shine. As I headed off post it wasn't raining but sure enough as soon as I got out the gate it started pouring. Blah really I wasn't wanting to do this in  the rain but I guess I didn't have much of a choice. 
Thankfully when I pulled up and parked the rain had stopped. 
We all gathered in the gym were the different pastors said a few words, we did a bit of stretching and then we headed outside to get the show started. This was the 2nd time the church has put this event on. Last year they had 300 people & this year they were expecting 800 people but were hoping for a 1000+ people and I think they surpassed that goal. 

This is Theresa & I before the event started, my co-worker / zumba partner in crime :) We make a great time busting it out in the center of the dance floor during Zumba. 

I was so glad that the rain stayed away for the walk / run I walked out of the house with out a rain coat so that would have sucked. I started off walking because there was so many people there was no way to get around but once the crowd slowed down and cleared out I was on my way. I ran pretty much the whole way and felt great doing it. As I ran pass walkers they would say the kindest words that motivated me that much more. 

After the run was over we all gathered back in the gym (well those that wanted to stay) and James our Zumba instructor did a low impact mini class. This gave people the opportunity to see what zumba was all about at a more moderate pace. The gym was full I think about half the people ended up staying to try it out, but that only made it more exciting and fun. 
Before we started J turned on a song and everyone jumped up and starting dancing. One girl standing next to me yelled its the Wobble. WHAT????? I have never heard of the wobble dance but it was really catchy and fun. I opted to stand to the side and watch because I didn't want to make a fool of myself. I did snap a short video clip of them dancing. The girl in the orange & the girl in all black behind the girl in red are the two girls I work with both super sweet ladies. 

I ended up having a really good time and a fantastic work out. I was definitely glad that I dragged my butt outta bed and went. I'm looking forward to the Health & Fitness class that is going on next Saturday!!!! 


Brittany said...

You are making me feel guilty about never working out :(. Good for you though! I am LOVING your new layout!! did you do it yourself?!

Elisabeth said...

htats so great that you did that!
as far as zumba - i went to my first class thsi week and wow, i ts waymore of a work out than i would have guessed :)
i'm your newest follower and would love for you to follow me back - your blog is adorable!

ps. i started a new link up party today on things that inspire us, anything at all, and you should link this post up :)

wHiT said...

We love the wobble, the husband and I! :)