Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fender Bender

DAY 89

Every morning the hubbs will come give me a hug and kiss goodbye before he heads out to PT. He always wishes me a good day and says he can't wait till 5pm. (when we both get off work) Of course now this is at like 4:30-5:00 O'clock in the morning so needless to say I'm still a bit out of it and sleepy. So on my way to work in the morning a few hours later I will text him and tell him how much I love him and that I hope he has a better day then the one before. And of course I as well tell him how I can't wait till quitin time!!!!!! "OH IT'S 5 O'CLOCK SOME WHERE" He will always text back when he gets a free minute and it just makes me smile. But not today I had no reply back from my morning drive, lunch time came and went and still nothing from him even after I texted back again. I know he can be pretty busy during the day but that's just not like him to not reply. Well I went back to work and finished out my day, a little worried in the back of my mind hoping everything was ok. When I got off work I quickly checked my phone and there was two messages from him explaining how someone had HIT HIS CAR!!!!! I immediately FREAK and call him to get details, if you know either of us at all you would understand and know that both our cars are like our kids. I guess that's happens when you both drive a $35+k car.

 So from what I understand he was parked were he normally parks and some guy (who happens to be a Caption) was trying to parallel park behind him. When all of a sudden he slammed in to the lovely bumper of our Subaru scratching it up pretty bad :(. A few minutes after he went in to the office looking for the owner of the "white Subaru w/ Hawaii plates". One of the hubbs buddies he works with new he was talking about his car and went and got him. I can only imagine his reaction when the guy was explaining what happen. They went out side to take a look and the guy had already left a note on our car in case he wasn't able to find the owner. I'm so thankful for honest people like him. He could have easily left and drove off not saying a word but he was honest and kind hearted. The hubbs said he wad really nice and the both called USAA right them to file the claim. The crappy part about the whole situation is that the guy had called USAA earlier this morning to file a claim. He lowered his garage door on his car. I really felt bad for him because it really wasn't a great day for him. I hope that his insurance doesn't go up to much. If we had a crappy car and didn't really car we would probably just blow it off but that's not us. We take great pride in taking care of our vehicles and maintaining them. Thankfully we have a appointment on Friday at 2pm to get the car looked at to see how long its going to take to get fixed. I'm hoping it will be a quick fix and we wont have to deal with a rental car. At least we aren't going to be out any money on this one like we were when I hit someone in my blue Chally :( opps.

You have got to be kidding me!!!


wHiT said...

it's a good thing and a bad thing. Hope it doesn't take that long.

lilmoomoo said...

Omg. I would have freaked out too!!
I get REALLY weird when I haven't heard from Snookums when I normally do.
He knows he better be texting me, or else he will have 20 texts from me wondering if he is ok!!

(Haha, I'm not jealous, just SO anxious about him getting in a wreck!)

Hope you get the car fixed super quick :)

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

Ugh...wrecks are NO FUN! Glad no one was hurt!

Brittany said...

So glad no-one was injured! I would have been freaking out too, girl!

Anonymous said...

I would have killed if someone hurt my Lincoln. I get so paranoid cause my husband has been driving it. I can not wait till he gets his car in a few weeks.