Monday, January 16, 2012

Wedding Flash Back!!!!! (part 1)

Our Wedding Overview!!!

I mentioned a few posts back how I've never blogged about our wedding and so I've decided to recap it here for you all to see. 

We got married 20 days shy of our one year anniversary of being together / meeting. We were married on November 9, 2007 at The Dallas World Aquarium in downtown Dallas, Texas. We knew early on in our engagement that we didn't want your traditional church wedding. We started checking our several venues around the area hotels, the Texas Ranger Stadium, different local parks, the list goes on. We kept going back to the Aquarium were we had gone on a date when he was in town. After talking with the coordinator there we decided we were totally in love with the idea of getting married at The DWA. They offered SOOO much and it was a such a unique place, best part is we would be the only ones there. We had the entire aquarium to ourselves just for our wedding. Our guest were able to tour the facility during a cocktail our after the ceremony / before the reception. During this time they were severed h'orderves while a steal drummer played music through out the aquarium. This isn't your typical glass tank aquarium either, very thing is open it has a very tropical feel as you walk around, makes feel like your in a jungle. The DWA has a huge variety of animals and fish from all over the world, most you wouldn't see in your local aquarium or zoo. 
I have a huge family and tons of church friends that would be attending our wedding so there was no question that is had to be in Texas. Thankfully I was blessed with a very close friend to help coordinate as well as officiate the whole thing. I could not have done it with out him and his patient creative mind, as well as my Nene who took care of the entire venue cost. So a BIG THANK YOU TO BOTH OF THEM!!!!!! The hubbs has a very small family and thankfully they were so understanding on our reasoning for a Texas wedding. I have been blessed with the most amazing In Loves ever. All three of the hubbs grandparents that were at the time still alive were planning on coming down for the wedding however due to health issues at the last minute they weren't able to come. Of course his mom, dad, brother  and nephew came down for the big event, along with a few very close family friends of theirs. I had family & friends from all over come in to share in our special day with us. We truly were blessed with the turn out I never would have though we would have had 350 plus people at our wedding. (well yea I did, when I say I have a huge family, we really do and our church family is huge, so it was to be expected.)
Because of the location were we wanted our wedding pictures taken we had to do them before the wedding. Meaning we saw each other before we got married. Don't flip out its ok like I said before we wanted a nontraditional wedding and that we did. The color red was the major color in everything along with my dress, yes I had RED in my dress. I wouldn't have changed it for the world it was beautiful, more than I could have asked for. I wore a vail for the ceremony because my momma asked me to but after that I ditched it quickly, it was a bit to frilly for me. The girls wore matching red dresses & my jr. bridesmaid wore a white dress with a hint of red in it. The guys were all dressed in there uniforms 3 army & 1 air force. The red theme was carried out along with black and white through out every detail of our wedding. (you will see that as I go along in future posts.) 
The girls & I met up at my house and road out in a limo downtown, it was the first time I road in a limo. It seemed perfect for the big day, we had a blast packed in there. The guys got ready at the hotel were his parents were staying and then drove down together. Once we arrived and made our way to the bridal suite aka The DWA offices the fun began getting the dress on and getting ready. I couldn't have done with with out my lovely ladies. 
The time had finally come to see my groom, I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. I couldn't believe we were really getting married. Up till this point all the planning seemed real but I guess it never really sunk in till those moments before we saw each other for the first time. I will never forget stepping off the elevator seeing my man in his Class A's, he look so handsome.....ummmm I love my man in uniform. From there we took picture together, then our wedding party joined us along with both our families. It was great to be able to share this moment with all of them. 

So with out further ado here are our pre-ceremony pictures. 

Isn't he Handsome!

The MEN! 
Kisses for his sweet Momma 

Seeing each other for the first time.

My girls & I 

<3 My Jr. Bridesmaid Shae

The whole wedding party. 

My step dad, mom & dad (in order)

My sweet momma & me 

My dad, people say I look more like him

My Grandparents. 

My immediate family. 

The Gabriel's aka In Loves 

Can you tell his dad was in the Army

FIL, BIL, Nephew & MIL 

My dress 

Best day of my life. 

Stay tune for more of our wedding flash back to come!!!!


wHiT said...

OMG! Your dress, was the same dress I dreamt, when we had to plan our wedding for a class in school, for my wedding. Granted things change as the years went on, but that's a crazy coincidence :) We have great taste.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress!

lilmoomoo said...

I absolutely LOVE that you got married in an aquarium, and that the venue held some special meaning to y'all.
It sounds like you all had a HUGE amazing wedding!!
(And I thought our 200+ ppl seemed like a lot!)

I LOVE that you had red in your dress!
I appreciate some originality and I love when people DO WHAT THEY WANT at their weddings, instead of worrying about tradition.
I mean it is YOUR wedding. Right?

We also saw each other before the ceremony..
I think it helps with nerves! ;)

You looked AMAZING girly!

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

What a beautiful wedding and you look gorgeous! I love the new look of your page too!

Mrs. Robinson said...

Wow - an aquarium wedding is TOO cool! I love, love, love how unique it is and how it fit y'alls relationship. =) I know that y'all will enjoy visiting the aquarium as guests in the future...taking your future kids many possibilities! =)

Can't wait to read the other posts....and your family is enormous!