Monday, January 16, 2012

Wedding Flash Back!!!! (part 3)

Our Wedding Overview!!!

The ceremony was LONG and did not start on time. That was the running talk of the wedding before hand, we WOULD start on time and not CP time. (color people time) Eric our friend that married us, I called my 2nd dad he is a big old chocolate teddy bear if you will. He wrote out the whole ceremony and everything that he was going to say and include in the wedding. We told him a few things that we wanted to add & take out of your tradition wedding but for the most part he went out on his own. For it being his first wedding to officiate you never would have known because he did a phenomenal job.

Lighting the candle in memory of our grandpa's 

After our parents & grandparents had walked down the aisle & were seated the bridesmaids walked down. The groomsmen walked forward meeting the bridesmaids half way and walking the rest of the way down as a couple. The reason for this is because it mimicked my dad & step dad walking me down the aisle. Both have been there for me in different ways so I couldn't have just one walk me down and I didn't want to have them both walk me down at the same time. (to traditional lol) So my real dad walked me half way down and my step dad met us in the middle, shaking my dads hand he took over and walked me the rest of the way down. My real dad met us back up at the front to "give me away" with my step dad. I'm happy we decided to do it this way it tuned out really neat and got the wedding party more involved. 

My dad & I

Making the switch 

We had two close friends sing during the wedding at different times, they sang both together and separate. When our parents walked down, when I walked down & during our unity candle lighting. You may recognize Kevin's picture, he was & still is (recently returned back to the group) the lead singer of platinum selling R&B group "Color Me Badd". (does the song "I Wanna Sex You Up" sound familiar at all.)

My Jr. Bridesmaid was my little cousin Shae, she is seriously one of the most important people in my life. (her daddy, my Uncle Richard from the post before is my favorite uncle, another very important person in my life.) She almost broke my heart right before I was about to walk down the aisle I looked over and she was in tears. She was afraid I was going to get married and forget all about her and everyone else. I reassured her that wasn't going to happen, so with her teary filled eyes and sniffy nose she gripped on to the two flowers she was holding and made her way down to the aisle. In the video its simply priceless watching her walk because you can see every little emotion in her face. Guest sitting on the end seats coached her along and told her it would be ok. She was 9 when we got married & this wasn't her first wedding so it wasn't that she was scared or nervous she really though she was loosing me. That's how close we are and it means the world to me that she is cares that much. She absolutely LOVES her Uncle (the hubbs) and he loves her just as much its really cute when they get together & pick on each other. 
My sweet girl!!

Trying to hold back the tears 

Speaking of tears and crying, Nate the hubbs nephew who I picture in the first post was suppose to be the ringbearer. He was 3 at the time and although he knew who his uncle was he hadn't spent much time with him due to the army. In the beginning of all the wedding planning we agreed that he would be the ringbearer. As long as he would walk down the aisle on his own gracefully with out crying and making a scene. WHELP I'll let you take a quick guess as to if that happened or not.....NOPE. He barley made it through the family pictures with out having a break down. We decided it would be in the best interest of everyone if he sat up front with his daddy. I know some people think its cute and all to have the little kids up there goofing around, picking their nose and making a fool of themselves but I'm not that person. I wanted a fun and memorable wedding but the goofing off and acting crazy could wait till the reception. 

 In addition to the normal vowels that everyone says in their wedding the hubbs wanted us to write our own. I loved this idea until is came time to actually write them. I've gotten better with words but at the moment trying to write my own vowels seem like the hardest task of them all. I ended up having to type them up and reading them from a piece of paper. The hubbs as spectacular as he is came up with his on the spot and let me tell you they were amazing. He said afterwards that he knew how he wanted to start and end it, it was just filling in the middle that he had to do. Well he had no problem at all with that one. I didn't want to cry during the ceremony but his vowels were so heartfelt I was having problems holding back the tears. I caught myself making faces with one of the groomsmen at times just to keep myself from tearing up. We laughed about it after because we all three knew what was going on. 
Saying his Vowels 

Told you I had to read them.
laughing at the comment
that Eric made. 

After our vowels, the ring exchange, lighting the unity candle and saying our "I DO'S" it was time for the official introduction as SPC & Mrs. Jared W. Gabriel. Shae (our Jr. Bridesmaid) then handed us each one of the two daisy's she was carrying to give to our now Mother In Law as we walked out. It was cute because I guess with all the nervousness she was having or just standing there holding them for so long one of the stems broke. She was sure to tell us about it when she handed them over, it really was cute, she wanted to make sure we knew. 

The Ring Exchange. 
Making sure its on good!!

Lighting the Unity Candle 

So in <3!!

Sealed with a KISS!!!!
Telling us the flower stem broke. 

She's officially my Mom in Luv!!!
Lots of love for his momma in law

I LOVE his smile!!!

Someone's a bit more happy :)
she was dancing down the aisle

Maid Of Honor
Aunt Holly & Dan 

Nichole & Galvan 
Kels. & Seitzler 

Signing our Marriage License
(for the year he put '08 by mistake,
its funny bc we never changed it)

Couldn't be happier :)
(ps: I added on to my ring
right after the wedding)

Stay tune for more of our wedding flash back to come.


Brittany said...

You were a stunning bride! In LOVE with the back of your dress!

wHiT said...

awe look at you with a new look to your blog! I LOVE IT! we should swap buttons now!

lilmoomoo said...

I love everything about it.
I love that you had the switch with your dad and step-dad.. that is such a GREAT idea!
Also- love that you all found a way to include your moms in the ceremony!

You all look so happy! :) :) :)

lilmoomoo said...

OH. and P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with your bloggy!!! it looks great!

Mrs. Robinson said...

You were an absolutely beautiful bride! And the ceremony is so sweet and unique. It sounds long, like you said, haha, but I love the personal touches y'all added. =)

If you don't mind me did you add to your ring after the wedding? How long did you wait? Was there a reason?

My mom added to her ring a few years ago and my hubby now wishes he'd bought me a bigger diamond. I'm fine with mine! I'm better than fine, I LOVE my rings. So..people adding to their rings fascinate me. :)