Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Total Regret

DAY 104

This morning my co-worker Elaine had a Sonic drink and breakfast french toast sticks that she was munching on through out the day. I kept eye balling her drink and thinking how badly I wanted a Large Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper with easy ice. This use to be my go to drink at Sonic before I moved to Hawaii and I would always get a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Toaster Sandwich cut in half with a side of Tater Tots. Since we've been back on the mainland I've only been to Sonic a couple times & that was in Texas, shocking I know right. Well I gave up soda almost a year ago now and I haven't touched one since. (FEB. 1st will be a year.) Other than the breakfast sandwich I've never really been one for there food. Shakes and Drinks yes. So there's not much of a reason for me to go there, plus trying to cut out greasy fast food is another reason to stay away. Other than Chick-Fil-A!!!!

 After we got our kids down for there nap the three of us were sitting around talking about fast food and soda and it only made me it that much more hungry. I was sold, I had to get Sonic for lunch I could taste it on the tip of my tongue, I wanted it that bad. I rushed over to drop off the rental car and picked up our Subaru thankfully I didn't have to wait long because I only had a hour. The body shop is about 15 minutes from were I work, add another 5-10 minutes there then a 15 minute drive back that left about 20 minutes for me to grab some lunch. I was still determined to get Sonic, I knew in my head I would hate myself for it afterwards but at the time I didn't care. 
I went with my old bacon, egg & cheese sandwich, a side of tater tots and a Oreo shake. I was in heaven.....well for about the next 25-30 minutes that is. After I got back to work I was totally feeling my lunch, my stomach felt try crap and I just knew I was going to be sick. I wanted to take back eating that horrifying "delicious at the time" lunch. But I couldn't, lesson learned and I will not be revisiting Sonic for any lunches.  Shakes maybe but that would be my only reason to go there, even then the location that is near us I very rarely pass by it so half the time I forget we have one here. 
Thankfully I had Zumba tonight so I was "hopefully" able to work off all that crap I had eaten. 


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way after drinking soda. I used to be so addicted to it that if I didn't have it first thing in the morning that it felt like I had the flu. After realizing this and stopping it I rarely drink it. When I do like when we moved and it was more of a convenience I felt so sick. I was so ready to switch back to water.

lilmoomoo said...

we had a sonic that was about the ONLY thing close to us in Oklahoma, and I got SO SICK of it.
I haven't had it in months..

The drinks are the shizzz tho!