Sunday, January 8, 2012

A small slice

DAY 87 

Today I managed to find a small slice of heaven here in the south. When we were on Christmas break week before last we drove past what looked like a park along the river. The day we had planned to go back and check it out it turned frigid cold out. Today after the hubbs got home we made our way out to what is called River Front Park. As soon as we started walking along the paved path that follows the river I was in love. There were tons of families there some with their pooches. Many people were riding bikes along the way and a few runners getting their work out in. I was a very calm, tree covered area that was simply beautiful. I kept telling the hubbs how much I loved it and how I couldn't wait to come back again.

Taking it in & enjoying our walk. 

The View from the end of the trail.

We headed to the left of the trail first which came to a end about half a mile in. There was giant bolders and picnic tables were you could sit down and relax or fish from if you wanted. We took a look around and headed back the direction we'd came from. Passing the park entrance we proceded further down the paved path. Passing by people of all ages running, biking and walking I was just loving it. I probably had the dorkiest smile on my face but to have finally found a area that we can come and enjoy together was awesome. So badly I wanted to bust out running right then but I didn't think that would go over really well in my Toms and blue jean capris. We walked about a mike & a half in the same direction before the sky started to look a little gloomy, we didn't want to get caught out there in a down pour. Come to find out after a little research on line the trail is a total of 2 1/2 miles one way. Which will make for a awesome 5 mile run. There's plenty on benches and picnic tables to stop and take a break along the way over looking the river as well as emergency call boxes in the event you ever needed it. I'm so excited because its right downtown only about a 10 maybe 15 minute drive from base. It completely shaded so I see many of my runs there to come in the future. It was a nice peaceful relaxing afternoon with my love, we both enjoyed it so much and just what we needed. We talked about bringing our pups back but since we saw so many other dogs there we figured for now it would be best not to. They LOVE other dogs and are super friendly but they get so excited when there around them. What can I say there dog, dogs lol.

Downtown off in the distance. 

Conagree River Bridge 

 I could stay for hours. 

A painting under one of the bridges!

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lilmoomoo said...

I love it! :)

All the photos look awesome!!
Although I'm not a running "fan", I would definitely like to go out there and take some photos!!

So glad you found your little "slice of heaven!"