Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Its gettin kinda ugly.....

DAY 88

When I woke up this morning and headed down stairs I noticed it was super ugly out. I figured it was because it was still so early. I let the pups out back and the fog met them at the door. It hasn't been this bad since we have been here and frankly I don't like it. It's suppose to be a pretty crummy week through Friday which sucks. Well more for the hubbs then me, family day is Wednesday and Graduation is Thursday (for basic training soldiers) and he had to help with Family Day so he will be out in the rain. Pour guy I feel so bad for him, I'd hate to know I was gonna be working out in this ugly weather. Well I got ready for work and headed out the door about a hour later only to find the fog hadn't lifted at all. I could barely see to the end of our street and driving off post I could only see the head lights from the cars around me. I came to a red light and up pulled two MP cars on both sides of me, thankfully I was doing the speed limit and used my turn signals. lol I really don't mind if it rains all week as long as it clears up over the long weekend to come so we can enjoy it together out and about.

Super foggy out!!!

Hows the weather been in your area lately?!?!?! I think we can officially say we aren't getting snow here this winter and I'm so happy about that.


wHiT said...

there is news that we will get a ton of snow tonight. here's hoping it's not too bad for my long drive to work.

lilmoomoo said...

It's been SO GROSS here too.
I hate it.

Where we live, its basically trees EVERYWHERE. So on a rainy or cloudy day, our house is pretty much dark by around 3:30!

It's crazy!