Monday, January 16, 2012

Wedding Flash Back!!!! (part 4)

Our Wedding Overview!!!

Our reception was so much fun we had a full buffet of food for our guest to feast on. (just don't ask me what was on it because I only remember a few things.) The buffet was one thing I don't remember much about. I know we did a taste testing of all the food weeks before hand and at the time they were fabulous. That evening of the wedding someone made us each a plate but between everyone coming up and talking to us we didn't get to eat much of it. 

Our cakes were made by a church friend and I think he did a fantastic job. My cake was a four tiered strawberry cake with vanilla icing. Decorated with Gerber Daisy's and a beautiful bow on the top. The cake was huge, I absolutely love strawberry cake so that was a must. I'm not big on all the odd crazy flavors that are made for most weddings. 

For the hubbs cake I wanted it to be a surprise for him, he told me he didn't cake how it looked as long as it was good. The one thing he requested was that it was vanilla.....seriously that's kinda boring. So we compromised and went with marble since the grooms cake is traditionally chocolate. It worked out perfect because it was like a camo theme. I told our friend that was making the cake that I wanted something "Army themed" but from there it was completely up to his imagination. Yes I left the whole cake design up to someone else but I'm so very happy I did because nothing I could have thought up would have been this great. Everyone loved it and got a total kick out of it. 

The cakes were set up in the corner of the reception room were everyone could see them as they walked through the buffet line. 

For party favors we decided to go with a candy bar, and carried out the red white & black theme in the candies as well. Lots of research on line and we found some yummy goodies to complete out bar. Also on the candy bar was a tray of bubbles for the guest to blow as we left for the evening. I really didn't care one way or the other if we had them or not but for whatever reason the hubbs was hell bent on having them. We couldn't have them through bird seeds because we were at a aquarium & I really wanted our guest to release balloons but again that wasn't allowed. So bubbles it was and he got is way!!!

Table center piece's
Gerber Daisy's & tea light candles

This was the steal drummer who played
during the cocktail hour. pre-reception. 
Right before the reception I had another semi small surprise for the hubbs. Another perk for having our wedding at The DWA I had scheduled for a scuba diver to dive down and feed the two large manatees that were in the tank along with the other fish. (this is something that they have as a option when planning your event there) With that they provided a custom made sign that was placed in the bottom of the tank when the diver went down.  It was really neat because I was able to tell them what I wanted written on it and then at the end of the evening we were able to take it with us. (well my parents collected everything for us lol)
It was really cool to watch, everyone enjoyed the diver feeding the Manatees. The custom sign was a big hit as well and I'm glad we were able to keep it. (we still have it now ) You can read more about The DWA & our resent trip there back in Oct. when we were home in TX. We've decided to make this a annual visit / trip meaning whenever we happen to go back to Texas we are also going to go to The DWA and revisit our Wedding Venue. We hadn't been prior to our trip in October since the wedding, so it was really fun to go back and walk through it again. 

Initially I wanted to walk down the aisle to the song Lets Get Married (click the link to listen to itbut that was one thing that got quickly nixed. I put up a fight for a good bit and finally gave in when the suggestion was made to have this song played as the whole wedding party was introduced into the reception room. Ok fine so I didn't have everything the way I wanted it but it worked out perfect. My sweet little Shae who cried her way down the aisle was break dancing as she was introduced in. I was the cutest thing and I'm so glad we got it on video.

For our first dance song we danced to I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith, its one of our all time favorite songs. Meaning so much to us as we didn't have a lot of time together in the year prior to us getting married due to living in different states. So when we were together we took complete advantage of every minute we had.

 SSG Novak (very right) is from TX & was home on leave at the same time of the wedding so he and his wife were able to come. The guys were all close so it was really great to have him there, his wife was super sweet as well.

When it came time to cut the cake we used a bayonet that I had gotten for the hubbs as his wedding gift. I gave it to him the night before at our rehearsal dinner, which happen to be a Salt Grass Steak House. Everyone got a good laugh out of us using it, best part is it has many meanings and its something that is special to us which we will have forever.

Really don't mess with a girl & her knife ~ he was trying to smear icing on my face.

I promised I wouldn't "feed" him a big piece of the first cake, I didn't say anything about the second one. It was so funny to watch him try and fit it all in his mouth.

I have no idea what this horrible stuff was we were drinking but oh dear heavens I HATED it. I clinched my fist together so tight when I took a sip, ewh ewh ewh. We decided against alcohol all together at the wedding. We aren't big drinkers and we didn't want a bunch of people getting completely drunk on our tab. You don't always need a stiff drink to have a good time right.

THE GARTER ~ I planted my hands right above were it was so he couldn't go any further. It was quite embarrassing but I made it through. He kept trying to mess with me and asking if it was higher then were my hands were. I kept thinking will you just get the thing off and be done with it already.

The garter was camo with the army emblem on it, he was quite surprised. My shoes were also camo flats that I happen to come across. We implemented a little bit of "army / military" here and there, in the wedding. I didn't want to over do it but the little touches made it perfect.

My Aunts Sister Misty ended up catching the bouquet & her son Trey got the garter.

MAN LOVE ~ We did the do$$ar dance during the reception. This was were people came up and paid money to dance with us. I had such a great time during the dance and from the looks of it so did the guys. We made out pretty well in the cash department also so that's always good. I think just about everyone came up to dance with us, even the little kiddos that were there, even people I never would have though would did. It made the evening that much better.

Favorite Uncle ever!!!

Uncle Richard & Aunt Holly
Love them to piece's!!!

Another gift from a family friend was our get away ride :) The hotel we were staying at for the evening was only 3 blocks away so I figured we could just drive my car over and park it there. However a few other people had different plans and offered to provide a horse & carriage ride for us. We ended up riding around downtown dallas for a good 30-40 minutes. It seemed like forever at the time but we absolutely loved every bit of it.

And that's our Fairy Tale come true. It truly as my dream wedding I couldn't have asked for anything better nor would I have changed a thing. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I'm so glad I decided to recap our big day here on my blog. This way when I finally do have it all printed out in to a book our wedding will be included. 

Always & Forever & Thensome 
Jared & Tiffany G. 


lilmoomoo said...

AWW I loved seeing these pics :)

Your cakes were adorable too!

Mrs. Robinson said...

Ahhh! This is my favorite of the 4! I think the last picture of y'all in the carriage is so great - you two are beaming from ear to ear! I love love love it! So glad you emailed me links to these posts. I've enjoyed them and you were beautiful and your hubby looks so happy and I just love weddings!! =)