Friday, October 7, 2011

Strolling Down Wedding Alley

After two weeks apart some much needed us time was in order. I had planned a fabulous night out down in Dallas were we got married. Late that afternoon we made our way down to the Hyatt Regency Hotel were we stayed the night of our wedding (almost FOUR years ago).
We checked into our spectacular room with a King size bed and a stunning view of the city and then quickly slipped into something a little bit more fancy for our dinner date. We weren’t quite sure were we wanted to go to eat so we just left it up to the Navi we have in the car, no help there we found our way to Texas Land & Cattle. Neither of us had remembered eating there before so we pretty excited. I was all about the steak & Gabe wanted Lamb but sadly they didn’t have any so he opted for something else. We shared a yummy pecan pie for dessert & were completely stuffed full. It was so nice to be out with my love and not have to worry about staying out late because of work in the morning or getting back to let the pouches out of their kennels.

This next morning we order room service for breakfast which was nice to just be lazy in bed. The two of us together have only had room service one other time and that was when we were in Vegas for R&R our first deployment. So this was a special treat to the both of us but it was well worth it.

We checked out of the hotel that morning before heading out on our next stop & found that we were only charged for the room. YUP you are reading that right, Complementary Valet parking ($20.00 a day) & Room Service (aka~ our $50.00 breakfast) with the package I booked thank you Hyatt I know I always loved that hotel.

Off to our next stop...... my husbands idea which was really surprising because I hadn’t though about that at all, the DWA. Back to our wedding Venue were we got married & had our reception. When we were looking at wedding Venues I knew I wanted something different and some were unique. Some were know one had been married before that I knew. The Dallas World Aquarium was that special place that we decided to tie the knot at. It was so beautiful and included everything there you could think of, you could go small or you could go big. The guest were able to tour the aquarium during the cocktail hour and we had a diver feeding the fish in one of the large tanks. It was simply PERFECT I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. I don’t regret a thing about the wedding planning, the decor, or arrangements. Everything came together great and seamlessly, from the rehearsal the day before to the carriage ride ending our wedding night. It was all and more that we both ever dreamed it would have been.

I was so excited to go back to the DWA it’s such a fun place. It’s definitely not your average aquarium, they have animals out in the open were you can get up close and see them. We were able to feed a bird right out of the palm of our hands. Many of the exhibits are open tops so you in look down in side as well as all around. The birds are inclosed and also so are free to fly with in the building. There is a whole area just for penguins and another for pink flamingos. They make it so it is more like their natural habitat rather than a boxed in cage with glass which is really warm and inviting. There are a couple tunnel aquariums were the tank continues up and over your head around to the other side. One of them houses many different sharks, which is kinda creepy to walk through but really fun. At the DWA you will find thousands of different sea creatures from all over the world, a assortment of birds, alligators, walruses and a cheeta. This is just a few the animals that they have. We had such a great time walking back through the aquarium and remembering our wedding day and everything that took place that evening. Many times we caught ourselves say “hey you remember this happened here.....” or “do you remember this part” “this is were we saw each other for the first time” “this is were we had family pictures”.

I absolutely loved going back and remembering our wedding it was the best day we had in Texas while we were home. We decided to start a tradition that every time we go back to Texas we are going to Visit the DWA. Not only to see the new animals and exhibits that they have built but to relive our wedding and remind ourselves of the night how fabulous it was exchanging vowels & committing ourselves to each other.

We had a great morning and even pick up a couple souvenirs to take with me as we move to remind us of the aquarium.
I’m already looking forward to the next time we come back to TX to go for a visit and stay at the Hyatt.

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