Monday, October 31, 2011

Can You Hear me now???

DAY 18

Parting ways some times is the only way to go.

Ever since we got to SC we have had issues with our phone service both on and off post. We would be out driving around and have no bars what so ever. We went down to the Class Six and nothing, off post to Target & the SPRINT store nothing. Even in the PX & right outside it was horrible. It was so frustrating even in our own home calls were getting dropped & conversations were cutting out. It got to were Gabe & I would ask each other how many "bars" we had on our phones when we were out in different areas. I have been with Sprint forever and never had a issue at all until now. We've called them several times to talk with them and see if there was anything they could do to adjust the service signal. They sent us a Air Raid which is a device that is suppose to act as a antenna in the house. It did help a little which was nice but that's all fine and dandy WHEN WE ARE HOME. What about when we aren't at home and our service still sucks and I can't even make calls out or log on to the net. BLAH!!!!!
We went back and forth for the last week debating on switching over to Verizon or not. Gabe would ask the wait staff or checkers when we would go out what provider they used and get there feed back. We had already gone into the V store to check on prices & it was going to be the same as we were paying with Sprint so at least that was good.
Finally today while we were waiting for the Mall to open we went over to the V store and a hour later I am proud to say we are now members of the Verizon family. I stuck with my Droid getting the Incredible 2 and Gabe went Apple getting the new Iphone. Thankfully we were able to keep our same phone numbers because that would have been a big deal breaker for me.
I've been playing on my phone all afternoon and its loads of fun learning all the new features it has.

ps: the picture above was taken with my new phone's high speed camera.

On other news ~ we bought two chairs over the weekend for our living room and they were delivered today, I'll post pictures soon of our house so stay tune for that!!!!!!!

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