Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lunch or Dinner ?!??!?!

DAY 16

Leave it to the Man of the House

This afternoon when were were driving home Gabe asked me what I wanted to do for lunch. I answered back with I don't know what do you want to do for dinner. He said NO, you pick one or the other Lunch or Dinner. Ok fine then I'll pick lunch, Chick fil a it was. So what about dinner I asked, he replied back with I'll take care of that so don't you worry, I just hope you like it. I started thinking about what we had at home and it hit me he was going to cook the rest of those Bison Buffalo hotdogs he bought the other night. Ugh, oh dear do I really have to eat that stuff BLAH, and I asked him if that is what he was planning on cooking. He said yes I'll make Chili Hotdogs with French Fries but we will go by the Commissary on our way home and get regular hotdogs for you. Oh what a relief I though, I'm not a big hotdog person but I will eat that over Bison any day.
We enjoyed a yummy cheesy not so healthy dinner together Chili Dogs & French Fries while watching Storage Wars. Lazy nights at home cuddled on the couch is a perfect evening for me.


Spouse said...

OMG, that looks amaaaaazing to me. Send your hubbub back here to cook for me please! Love, Your Spouse

lilmoomoo said...

Lazy nights with dinner on the couch are also my favorite :)
Plus some wine. and you gotta love storage wars!! That is SUCH a good show!