Sunday, January 1, 2012

Heading North

DAY 79

We decided this morning to take another little road trip to do a bit of exploring. Were to you ask.....none other than the fabulous Charlotte, North Carolina. Home of the closest Ikea in our area and lots of shopping. I absolutely love Ikea and everything they have to offer from storage to home organize & rebuilding even cookware. It was our first stop for the day and man was it crowded. I really didn't expect it to be that busy but the hubbs said maybe people were "finishing projects, to complete their 2011 resolutions" lol what an imagination he has.
We didn't really "need" anything so if we found something we couldn't live without then we would get it. Walking through the kitchen area I came across these super cute pots that had measurements on the inside in cups and ounces. They were in the shape of a round bowl when the lids were on (kinda) and had 3 different sizes. I just had to have one but couldn't decide what size to get. I was on the phone with the MIL at the time telling her about them and she says (AT THE SAME TIME AS THE HUBBS) "why don't you just get both" wow talk about mother & son being alike. So guess what we ended up getting the large one & the medium one, I'm excited to use them.

After our stop at Ikea we went across the street to another furniture store. We are still looking for a small table to go between our two new chairs. We just haven't found the one we love yet and I don't want to settle when it's not a big need. Along with a table I was wanting two pillows one for each chair. To add some spice to the living room and help bring out the color from the pillows on the couch. (I've seen a few at Pier One that I like but I can't bring myself to pay $30 for a pillow that will sit in a chair.)
Right when we went in the furniture I notice a tower of pillows with one lonely one on top that I fell in love with. It was perfect colors and the size was just right, only sad thing was there was only one. I couldn't believe it I finally find a pillow that isn't going to break me and there's only ONE. We continued looking around at the tables to see if we had any luck there but nothing. Just when I had given up hope on a second pillow I found another one all alone. I quickly snatched it up. I was excited to finally find two pillows for the chairs for the price of one from Pier One. I think they look great what about you?!?!?!?

We came across Concord Mills Mall that happen to have a Bass Pro attached to it. Of course the hubbs wanted to stop for a look. Totally fine by me if we can check out the rest of the mall after. We ended up spending a little over a hour walking through the mall and checking out the different stores they had. I found a great Western store that carried a wide variety of boots so I might be going back soon to get a pair for our upcoming cruise.
Just like Ikea the mall was super busy with a slue of people. We decided on a early dinner at one of our favorite places before we headed back home. On The Border, sadly Columbia doesn't have one and that just breaks my heart because I could eat their chips & salsa all day long.
I absolutely loved Charlotte we were only there for around 8 hours or so but from what we saw we really liked it. Much better than Columbia for sure and I have to say I would put it on top of Charleston. We will definitely be going back during our time here in the South. First stop when we do go back will be to Carowinds Theme park.


Tare June-H said...

I love Ikea. There is a huge one in Atlanta that we used to go to when we lived in Georgia. I was so upset when we moved here cause the first thing I looked for was an Ikea and the closest one is in Ohio or else back to Atlanta. They are about the same distance. It would have to be a major road trip some day.
I have driven through Charlotte but have never actually been sightseeing there. I'll have to check that town out.

lilmoomoo said...

One of my best friends (and a bridesmaid in my wedding) lives in Charlotte!! I will definitely be there a lot this year!!
And I could spend ALL day in an ikea!
You did good with the pillows ;)
Looks super cute!