Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Washington DC ~ Day 1

The day started about 3am as we drove from WV to DC, its just under a 7 hr drive. We arrived in the city about 10ish and hit the road running because we had lots to do and see. This was my first ever trip to DC so I was really excited to be here and check out the area. Its on my 30 before 30 list, CHECK!!!!
(Let me apologize in advance for the amount of pictures)

~Our first stop was Arlington National Cemetery~
We walked around the cemetery looking at all the different head stones, visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, JFK's plot, watched the Change of the Guard Ceremony.

It was definitely a experience, I'm so glad I was able to finally go. The heat however was brutal, we probably lost a couple pounds just from sweating so much. It was a beautiful place very calm and peaceful as it should be. Many of the head stones still had a single stem rose laid across the top from Memorial Day. I was told by a friend later in the week that on Memorial day each head stone also had a American Flag placed in front of it. I only wish that the hubbs could have been here with me. 

~DAY 229~


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Glad you are having a good time. Im heading in to the city tomorrow!

Dale JaneƩ said...

I'm so excited for you that you got to see this, but that sucks about the heat. I went there a few years ago and this post brought back about a lot of memories.


*Katie* said...

Amazing Pictures!!!!
Such a beautiful place

ROXY said...

My husband wants to come here one day and see it.