Saturday, May 19, 2012

Its a Beautiful Saturday!!!

It was a absolutely beautiful day today, which was so nice after the rainy week we've had. The hubbs and I wouldn't be enjoying this lovely day together though so it did kinda put a damper on things. The hubbs was finally taking his Concealed Carry Weapon class that he'd been putting off for forever now. The class was crazy long from 11am - 8pm. This morning I had plans to attend a Zumba class that one of my parents was hosting at her home. She was recently certified to teach zumba and hosted a class at her home for all of her friends to attend. We were her guinea pigs to get her ready for her first "real" class next week. Let me just tell you this girl is a rock star, you never would have know it was her first time teaching. (that is unless she told you) I had a blast busting my booty with about 10 other lovely Southern ladies. 
I spent the afternoon cleaning the house and getting all of our laundry folded and put away. This is all normally done on Sundays which are our more mellow days but I figured I'd knock it all out today since I was home alone and that way I didn't have to worry with it tomorrow. It was so nice out that I opened all the windows in our house and turned up the tunes. Nothing better than a little music to keep your feet moving. Be time I was done the house was sparkling and smelly pretty. The pups enjoyed the warm sunshine as well by laying out in the backyard. I think Bailey could lay out there all day long if she could. We've been watching out Sunflowers grow, I didn't think they would really make it and boy was I wrong they are almost two feet tall now. I can't wait till they start to bloom flowers, the tops are pretty right now though. 
I spent the evening with another one of my kiddos while we parents went out for a bit. Little Ms. L is such a doll and I absolutely love her. I caught myself this evening while I was playing with her thinking "wow I / we could really do this whole parent thing". It's so rewarding seeing her grow and learn different things from me as her teacher I can only imagine how it is for her mom and dad. We read a few books played with her new riding car and cuddled with her Golden (their doogie) before calling it a night aka bed time for L. When her parents came home I chatted with them for a bit before heading home myself. It was another lovely evening getting to know the G family better. I have enjoyed getting to know the parents in my class (more so the ones I babysit for) so much. Its neat to hear their story and were they came from and what they do. In the Army / Military life you see a similar pattern a lot but with these families they are all different. 
The hubbs was kind enough to wait up till I got home so we could go to bed together. 
I absolutely love that man, he's so good to me!!!!! 
~DAY 219~

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Janna Bogert said...

I love when Will waits up for me too! Our men are the best <3 That's cool that you can babysit your kids too...I feel like you get to have an even more amazing relationship. Is it hard to get a job teaching on post? I'm thinking that teaching might be what I end up doing, but not sure how getting a job on post would be.