Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lets talk dinner & disaster!!!!

After exploring the city, driving by the White House & spending hours in the National Museum of American History we decided to call it a day in DC.
Heading back to Georgetown for dinner at Serendipity. Well known for their foot long hot dogs & frozen hot chocolate. I of course loved all of the Tiffany Lamps they had displayed around the restaurant. I just think they are so beautiful, one day I will have one or two in my house. The staff was so friendly, the food was fantastic and the atmosphere was great. Definitely some were I'd come and eat at again. The Frozen Hot Chocolate was good but I didn't really get it, It tasted like a milk shake almost, not really sure. Never the less we were all pleased!

When we were driving back through Georgetown to park for dinner the Spouse and I both pretty much at the same time looked to our right and saw there was a Sprinkles Cupcakes right there in town. Are you kidding me, I think we both squealed alittle. Not only had we planned to stop back in at Georgetown Cupcakes but now we had to stop at Sprinkles as well. If you've ever seen Cupcake Wars on the Foodnetwork channel then you know who the owner and founder is, Candace Nelson. She was the founder of the first Cupcake bakery store front in 2005. The cupcakes were fabulous and the staff was so friendly, the only down fall I saw was that once they run out of a flavor for the day they don't remake any more. So if your going you better go early to get the one you want. I tried the Cinnamon Sugar & Key Lime Pie which were both pretty tasty. A must stop in if you ever are in the area of one of their locations for sure.

Making our way back to WV to stay the night in a hotel closer to were our next adventure was going to be on Thursday morning, we ran into a little set back. NO literally we / I ran in to it. Driving down the high way with S & B asleep in the back and her mom as co-pilot for me. Going along minding our own business & the speed limit, all of a sudden K & I spotted a LARGE semi tire in the middle of the high way. As soon as my light saw it I hit it. There weren't any high way lights to light the road or it probably could have been avoided. Everything happened so quickly, I honestly don't remember if there was some one to my left were I could have gotten over but I'm pretty sure there was. It was like a flash of light you see it then its gone, we saw the tire and I hit it all in the blink of a eye. Let me tell you going 65 MPH down the high way and hitting that will surly wake you up. Everything went sliding around even the car, it took me a minute to get control of the wheel and pull off to the side without sliding into the ditch. Thanks goodness B & S have Triple A, they came out and changed our tired and sent us on our way telling us everything was ok and we just needed a new tire. Bummed because we were only a hour our of the city headed back to WV and we had to turn around and get a hotel. No way we could make it the next 4 hrs on a donut. I felt awful because that mint our plans for the next day weren't going to happen. My first though was in the morning we will just take it to a local tire shop, have them change the tire and we will be on our way. After driving the car more that evening to the hotel, clearly we could tell there was more wrong than just needing a new tire.
Skip to Thursday morning~ we took it to a local Subaru deal to have it checked out. I mean that's what the hubbs would have wanted me to do any how. And thank goodness we did. I went in and explained what happen, they took the car back to check it out. We waited and waited and waited some more, a hour and a half went by before they finally came out to give me the news.
Que in the water works right now, see one I felt awful about today (Thursday) getting canceled. Two this is the hubbs car (the Outback) and I just knew he was going to go nuts. (even though he understood it was a accident) Three, if its not drivable how are we going to get back to WV, how and I going to get home, how much is this going to cost me. A million things were going through my head and it was just way to much for me to handle. I called the hubbs and had B explain everything that was going on because quite frankly I just couldn't bare to tell him. 
The estimated cost to fix the car was $1600.00 and at least 2-3 days. The dealer & insurance company worked with me so well and took in that I / We were in from out of town and that this needed to get fixed ASAP. We were set up in a rental shortly after a little bit of paper work, transferred over our ungodly amount of bags, the parts had been ordered and overnighted to the dealer. We finally were headed back to WV but in a teeny tiny car that was so not comfy at all. Hey I guess it could have been much worse, there was NO body or frame damage done to the car, it was simply everything that made the tire its self work and turn, oh and a fog light was missing. No one was hurt and its fixable so all in all we were blessed. I still just hated that it all happened and we were now thrown off schedule, not to mention I was going to have to come back here to pick it up in a couple days, which is a 5 hour drive from were we where headed. I guess this is just another story to look back on for the spouse and I "hey remember our first mainland road trip together when you hit that tire in the road."
(that thing was giant, I'm not talking just the rubber / tread of a semi tire, no it was the WHOLE THING)

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