Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Classroom Revamp + dinner

With the summer semester coming in a few short days that only means one thing. I needed to revamp up the classroom and make it look welcoming and decorated all purdy!!!
~~Let me back up for just a minute, I was offered the Lead Teacher position in my classroom for the summer. The current Lead will be stepping down to a sub position starting next week. I'm really nervous because this is a big deal here at EDS but everyone seems to have faith in me that I can do it. I know I can but it still doesn't mean I'm not a little worried about it. Things here as I've mentioned before are so much different than working at the CDC in Hawaii or any other child care facility I've worked at.
So the Lead teacher in the class next to mine offered to help me out a bit. She has been there for YEARS (10 years to be exact this year), she has tons of decorations and different themes. She let me go through her things and pick what I wanted. It was so sweet of her, seeings we do not have much of a budget for the summer semester to work with. I went with a Frog Theme, the supplies she had was so cute and I knew it would be easy to work with. I finally finished putting everything up on the walls today and getting the room set up and reorganized. I have to say it turned out much cuter than I had though it would and I've gotten so many complements on it which makes me feel so good.
The classroom was decorated in a Circus theme before and I was going to leave because I didn't want to poor my heart and soul in to setting up a room only to have someone come in and take over as Lead in the Fall and take it all down and completely disregard all the hard work I did.
~Which brings me to the fall semester. If all goes well this summer as being the Lead, I prove that I have what it takes and I can it do there is a chance I will be able to be Lead come the fall when school starts back up. These next 2 & 1/2 months are going to be a true test to see if its something I want to do beyond now.
I'm totally up for the challenge though and look forward to a fun filled summer!!!! 

Later that evening we were invited out to dinner, well IN to dinner. A fellow Drill SGT in the Unit (different company) and his wife invited us over for dinner. The hubbs & him worked together when the hubbs was turtling when we first got here. I'd met H before a few times and his wife once before briefly never really talked to her though. It ended up being a great evening, K and I hit it off well. Come to find out she is a runner as well and is looking for a running partner HELLO, can we say mint to be lol. Dinner was fabulous, the company was great and its so nice to have met another couple that doesn't have kiddos. I'm glad we are finally meeting and getting to know people in the unit. Although NONE of them are in our company I don't mind it one bit. I just want to make a friend or two that is going to stick around and be here for a good bit. (oh the army life, & the trials & tribulations that come along with it, I wouldn't change it for one bit!!!!)

On the way to dinner we stopped at the drug store so the hubby could get his passport picture taken. He needed to get one for his concealed weapon permit. Speaking of remember I mentioned he took the course this past weekend. Well he qualified at 100%, not that I expected anything less. So this was the last thing he needed to do before mailing all his stuff in to the state. He was to tall for the back drop so they told him to squat down lol. It was funny watching this tiny short girl take a picture of a 6'3 guy. 

Only one more night before cycle picks up, and I'm so not looking forward to it. Although I know it could be worse I'm trying to have a positive look out on the whole situation. 

~DAY 223~


ROXY said...

Congrats on the lead position! You'll do just fine. You make me miss working with the kiddos. I can't wait to go back to the workforce whenever that may be.

Janna Bogert said...

I have total faith in you! That pic of the hubby is too funny. I forgot how short those backdrops were....I'm 5'3, so I've obviously never had an issue.

Janna Bogert said...

Um...I commented on this....did they not go through?

Janna Bogert said...

Oh. whoops. "will be visible after blog owner approval" haha.