Friday, May 4, 2012

Special Olympics ~ Opening Ceremony

Our Battalion Commander is over the Special Olympics for South Carolina which was being held this weekend. With that being said each and every Soldier under him is required to participate and help out  in the event. Everyone had to be at the ceremony tonight and then each company is hosting a event / sport on Saturday.  
 For the most part everything was being taken on post. 
Tonight was the opening ceremony for the event and my dearest husband was once from his company chosen for Color Guard. There was one Drill SGT from each company who was asked to walk in the color guard line and carry the flags. 
I guess I never really paid much attention to the uniform of the other men and women when the colors were presented. I had no clue that he had to strip his uniform completely of all metals and ribbons. Thankfully he was issued a 2nd set of ASU's when he graduated Drill School so this set wasn't put together. I frankly thank it looks kinda boring with out everything on it. 
I had plans for the evening but sadly they fell through, which mint I was able to go with him to the ceremony. Let me say I'm so glad I did because it was a great experience and I enjoyed being there to support my love. 
He had the heaviest flag of all, the US Army Flag. This was his first time every being in the Color Guard and he did great!!!! 
The post community center was packed with participants, families, soldiers and civilians from all over the state. There was hardly any standing room in the building.
Participants signing to the National Anthem, it was breath taking!!!!!! 
As the participants walked in to be seated people cheered, the army band played and the walls of the building were shaking with excitement. Many of the girls and boys, men and women would walk past us and shake the hands of the Drill SGTs standing around. Some would salute them, as they said thank you for their service. It was neat to see their eyes light up when they walked passed so many people in uniform. You could tell they really were excited to be here and looked forward to what was to come. 
I was really looking forward to my little outing this evening but I'm glad I was able to experience tonight with the hubbs. 

Tomorrow we will BOTH be working with his company at the indoor pool helping with the swimming competitions. I'm really looking forward to it and being apart of this, however I'm not looking forward to being up at 6am on a Saturday morning. 

~DAY 204~

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