Sunday, May 27, 2012

Road Trip!!!

It seems like its been years since I've seen the Spouse (aka Sarah) but really its only been since Christmas. I headed out this morning to make the 5 hour drive to West Virginia to visit her. S & B are home on leave visiting so we planned a little powow get together. This morning I picked up the house and took the pups for a walk after loading up the car. The hubbs was at work of course :( so I decided to stop by his bay for some goodbye smooches before getting on the road. 

My last two road trips I've done really well on so I knew this one wouldn't be a problem. I took my time driving through South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky then into West Virginia. There were a few senic look out points along the way that I decided to take advantage of. Some were prettier than others and worth the 100 yard walk unlike the 800 foot jog I took up and then back down a hill to one look out area. 

Well worth the stop though it gave me a chance to stretch my legs and take a quick potty break. The good old station wagon Subaru held up well as always. I made it a hour out from B's house before stopping for gas. Even then I still had 60 miles left on that tank of gas and only 73 miles to go, my light was on and I didn't want to chance being stuck on the side of the road. One things for sure it sure dose save on gas.
I think it was just before 7pm when I finally made it in town. From there we went to dinner at a local joint with B's parents and then to the Spouses house. We did a bit of visiting & catching up with her family, played a few games on the Wii and did a bit more catching and sipping on some wine before finally calling it a night......well after midnight!!!
I'm so excited to spend the next week with S & B, good times to come!!!

~DAY 227~

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