Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feeling Blessed!!

We have two room moms that help with parties and activities that go on through out the year. They are there for just about anything that goes on in the school. They organize birthday baskets for the teachers in our room, helped with the spring art auction, brought goodies in for teacher appreciation day. They really do so much for us as teachers. The Day School I work for has very high standards and the parents pay big money for their children to go there. The parents treat the teachers so well, many people say the teachers make the school but I truly believe that the parents play a big role in what makes the school as well. The past two days we have received a few end of the year gifts, yesterday we were given a Target gift card. Today our room mom gave us our end of the year gift from the class, which happened to be a $80....YES EIGHTY dollar gift card (to each of us, all 3) to PF a local Italian Restaurant. The hubbs and I went to Pasta Fresca a couple weekends back and tried it out for the first time and we both really liked it. With Cycle starting this weekend and pick up day on Friday we decided we would save it for early day later in the cycle. This way we could go out have a date night and some time together out of the house. I feel so blessed to work for such a giving community and school. The parents here really appreciate everything we do for their children and it truly shows. It is so different than working for the CDC on a Military installation. They are so kind at drop off and pick up, always asking how things are going, wanting to get to know us better and best part THEY CARE. I am so happy with my decision to stay here and work for the school vs. going to the bank like I had planned. Not all days are peachy king but I try to remind myself that its only temporary and soon we will be moving to a new duty station so I'd better buck up and enjoy it while I can. 

~DAY 222~


Janna Bogert said...

That is AMAZING! Those parents do really appreciate you and as they should. I come from a family of teachers, so I know how essential you are :)

ROXY said...

Wow! The parents seem awesome... I've always worked at day cares where parents were middle to low income and I think I've received one or two gifts from parents. You must definitely work at a great school and you must be an awesome teacher. :)