Tuesday, May 15, 2012

in a blink of a eye

This was my view during my lunch as I sat out on the church wall were I work. It was so beautiful outside, the sky was blue and clear as ever. I don't remember when the last time I stopped and really smelled the roses. 
Heading home from the dealer from picking up my car the sky let loose. It turned ugly quick and just down poured the whole way home. The sky's were gray but in the distance was a beautiful rainbow. The traffic was surprisingly not to bad. Unlike in Hawaii or Texas when it rains people drive crazy. So that was a nice welcome change. We've had a good couple storms since we've been here but nothing like the weather here lately. I've enjoyed having the windows open listening to the rain. 
It did manage to die down just long enough for me to go make a trip to the commissary. I was grateful for that because I really needed to go but didn't want to deal with it in the rain. 
Pulling up into my drive way the sun was setting to my left.
 It was beautiful in the midst of the dark gray clouds.
The clearness didn't last to long though, before the storm came a brewing back through.
I hear its suppose to be worse tomorrow, I hope it at least clears up by the weekend.
We want to be able to take the pups out for some fun. (since its our last weekend before cycle starts)

~DAY 215~

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Janna Bogert said...

That sunset is gorgeous!! The storms always leave beauty <3