Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pick Up Day!~!~! "The Shark Attack"

I've been talking about it all week off and on but yesterday was pick up day for the hubbs. This is were the newest members of the Military are initiated into the Army. Most of these "kids" as they call them are fresh out of high school, just graduating a few weeks before starting basic. 
The talk around Drill SGT's is that this is the day they live for when a new cycle starts. Many call it the "Shark Attack", simply because the DS's literally attack the kids the minute they step foot off the bus. The one neat thing about our unit is that we as spouses are able to go out and watch many of the training events that go on through out the cycle. Pick up day being one of them, I've heard so much about this day and wanted to see it for myself. I wasn't able to go yesterday to the hubbs pick up cause I couldn't get off work but it worked out fine because at today's pick up there were several spouses there that I knew. It was just about all of our first pick up to come and watch, the BC (Battalion Commander) said this was the biggest crowd he's seen show up to see the "show". (there was about 15 of us)

The minute the buses drove up and the doors opened the DS's were there yelling, screaming, in their faces. Some of the privates made comments back but most of them held there bags and kept on running as they were told. Once they were off the bus they had to run a block area returning under the covered pavilion were they would stand in formation. From there they were put through several tasks and then broken down by platoon and then taken to their bay, were they would be living for the next nine weeks. This is were many of them did their first set of push ups. 

First set of buses to arrive!

Second set of buses to arrive  
Don't drop your bags because this is what happens, it all ends up dumped on the ground. 

 Split up by platoon, this part gave us a good laugh from the ones that didn't hear their name called in the beginning. 

Inside the bay.

I truly don't know how the men and women do it in the Military. My hands down to them 100% because they go through A LOT to get to were they are going to be. My heart was hurting for some of them as they ran off the buses and the DS's were yelling at them and in their faces. I understand its all part of breaking them down and building them back up but goodness I don't know that I would have the strength or mentalness to make it through.
I will say that once we got in the bay with one of the platoons the Drill SGTs were a bit more calm. Things kind of started to settle down, not to say that, that's the way it will be from here on out but it was nice to see that they aren't hard on them 100% of the time but maybe 90% of the time. lol.

I asked the hubbs this evening if this is what he went through when he went through BCT and he said some yes parts yes but many parts no. He said now the incoming soldiers are babied a lot and that they in a way hold their hand as they go through basic. That to them its hard (which I'm sure it is) but he says' that they (the Drill SGTs) aren't nearly as hard on the newbies as they were on him when he went through. They aren't allow to be for what ever reason, they can't smoke them right off or curse at them light a freight train. This is one of the reasons he is having a hard time adjusting to life on the trail. When we were talking tonight I asked him how his first two days were and he said not to bad and that it will get better. He said he enjoyed it, I'm not sure if that's good for the privates or not. Either way I don't care I want my husband to enjoy what he is doing and from moment we got to Ft. J he hasn't been 100% sold on being a DS but I think things are turning around. YEAH!!!!!
These are just a few of the pictures I took today, I may share more at a later time. I got a few videos as well and when I have more time I'll be sure to post them for you all to see.
Stay tune for more stories to come as we continue our life on the trail.

~DAY 226~


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Ah, isnt it crazy how young they are? Glad your hubby is there to lead them through!

ROXY said...

Wow! So this is what your husband gets to do as a drill sgt. That must be fun for him. My husband said the same thing about how when he was in basic they smoked them and were really hard on them and how now he supposedly can't smoke them now with how the Army is now. He agrees with your husband about how it seems like you have to hold the new soldiers hand for everything now. He always gets pissed off at the young soldiers since their attitude is very different compared to the older soldiers.

E said...

Oh my gosh, that poor girl looks so terrified, cowering away from her DS yelling at her!
So did you just get to sit there and watch this all go down??

Janna Bogert said...

Did you see the pics on FB that I put up of my hubby's basic training? I love looking at them. Haha. He said Basic was a joke, but he's a very strong person. I felt really bad for all the guys that weren't athletically inclined and/or weren't mentally prepared. Plus my hubby was 25, so it wasn't like he was 18 and a "kid".

Brittany said...

You are so right, military men and women are truly heroes. I admire each one of them so much. These are great pictures! Can't wait to see the videos!