Friday, May 25, 2012

My Vacay has Officially Started!!

Of course with a new theme going up on the inside of the class and another month coming to a end we had to change up the bulletin board out side. Keeping with the fog theme I carried it out doors. I punched out a ton of different size frogs from out die cut machine and had the kiddos decorate them in various ways. The smaller ones have painted spots with q-tips and the larger ones are spotted with cheerios. They were a few consumed in the process of making that already were stuck on with glue, I'm sure that didn't taste to great. But I have to say I'm please with the way it turned out, I think it looks cute.

Another & I think the last Thank You gift for the school year. This one was from one of my part timers. It's a beautiful hanging basket plant with pretty purple flowers. The card reads "Ms. Tiffany, Thank You for helping me grow." How fitting is that, if I can manage to make a impact on these children's lives and help them grow then surely I can do the same for this plant right. HAHAHAHHA We shall see, I've never been one to have a green thumb but the Ivy I received back in April for Easter is still alive and doing well so that's go to mean something. Plus we planted sunflower seeds in the back yard and they are nearly 3 feet tall now. So fingers crossed I will have the same luck with this beauty. As long as it can make it through this next week while I'm gone then I think we will be doing good. I just have to remind the hubbs to water it.
All of my kiddos were picked up by 4pm I had a little left to do in the classroom to get it ready for next week and was done around 4:30 with that. Lucky for me I was able to get out early, It was only 20 minutes early but hey I'll take that over anything!!! This girls Vacation has officially started and I'm off the clock till June 4th!!!!!

I made a trip to Target tonight to pick up a few things I was needed for my trip and of course use some of my gift cards I'd gotten. It's the first day of the cycle so I figured it would be a late night for the hubbs so I picked up a bottle (or two) of bubbly. I can never go in that store and walk out empty handed its just not possible, I think they put a spell on you the minute you walk in the door. I walked out with a few road trip snacks, a new dress and a couple swim suite pieces. (look for them in next weeks post.) 

Much to my surprise the hubbs was home by 8:30pm which was just 15 minutes after I had got home from my little shopping spree. I was so excited and grateful it wasn't a late night. We were able to pop the top on that bottle and enjoy it together with dinner. From what he was told the have to leave the bay (were the BCT's stay) by 2000 (8:00pm) unless they are in the field or out doing a training exercise. So that means he "should" be home no later than 8:30-9:00 at night. I can handle that, its still a crazy long day seeings he has to be up by 3:45am to be at work by 4:50am. I don't know how they do it, I am not a morning person at all.

~DAY 225~

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ROXY said...

I love the bulletin board. So crafty. :)