Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Saturday Instagram Style

Are you on Instagram, have you checked it out, do you just love it?!?!?!?!?!
Here is our day on Instagram :)

We try to spend a few hours every Saturday at the range. The hubbs really enjoys shooting and frankly I think its a great out let for him. He is like a kid on a candy high. Last weekend we weren't able to go because of the Special Olympics going on. Sunday he sold one of his guns and bought a new one this past week. So today it was all about his new toy and breaking it in. I have to say I cleared a whole magazine out and it wasn't to bad.
Poor guy got a few battle wounds all along his right arm from the shells extracting out. (he's a lefty & they come out on the right) But he's a tough guy and it didn't seem to bother him at all.

After our adventure at the range we headed home to clean up a bit before heading out to lunch. We are growing to enjoy the city and the local shops and restaurants here around us. Working were I do I've been able to learn a lot about the South from my Co Workers & Parents. They've introduced me to several new places that we probably would have never found if it weren't for them. For lunch I picked a quaint little hole in the wall joint that I'd been to once before. It was a first for the hubbs, he was a little skeptical when we got there because its a Deli in the back of a old gas station / convenience store. I reassured him and he agreed to give it a try. He was pleased and we left with full belly's. I've really enjoyed seeing the difference in life here in the South vs. Hawaii vs. Texas. Its surreal how different things are from state to state.

This evening I had a super cute date!!!! I spent the evening with this adorable little boy. He is one of the kiddos in my class at school. I've watched him a time or two before, his momma and daddy had a date night. We spent the evening reading through loads of books and looking at all the pictures around the house. His quote / famous saying right now is "What's That????" so there is lots of explaining every day. He really is a super cool dude, he will be my only boy this summer along with 4 cute adorable girls.
It was a short night I was there at 6:30pm and headed home by 9:30pm not to shabby at all. When I got home the hubbs made us Smore's over the stove. I can't mention enough how much I hate this stupid gas stove BUT tonight I was kinda enjoying it for this very reason right here. I LOVE LOVE Smore's they are so yummy, a melt in your mouth kinda sweet treat!!!! I could have one or more a day but that probably wouldn't be the smartest idea. 

We've had a great day here in the South and I'm glad we are slowly but surly starting to find our groove. 

~DAY 212~
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Janna Bogert said...

Good to hear :) I want smores!!!

ROXY said...

The hubby went to the shooting range too last weekend. Now he's talking about buying another gun. Lol.