Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sweet Southern Seniors

This evening one of my co-workers had a gathering at her house to celebrate the ending of the school year. See next Friday is the last day of school then we start our summer semester.A lot of teachers are taking the summer off and coming back in the fall. (I however am not one of those, but that's perfectly fine in my book) I made a Jell-O cake to take, complements of the lovely Crystal. She introduced me to this lovely dessert dish when we were in Hawaii and I absolutely love it. There was about 10 of us there, we sat outside on the patio chatting about how much our children have grown over the past 10 months. And simply getting to know one another more. The school is split in to two halls, a older hall and a younger hall (most the ladies that came work on the older hall). I work on the younger hall with two (3 ladies ~ two in the morning & a third in the afternoons) of the sweetest ladies ever. They are both in their early 60's and will not be working this summer (one will not becoming back in the fall). It makes me so sad to see them go. We've made such a wonderful team, I've learned a lot from them. I enjoy talking with them and hearing stories about their past. We always joke about them being so much older and not being as quick on their feet as me. Or not being able to open jars or cups because of arthritis in their hands. Not to mention the forgetfulness that I teas them with all the time. It's so much fun to laugh and joke around with them, especially because they give it right back to me. Ms. E is like another Grandma to me, she is always watching out for me, giving me advice and checking in to make sure things are going well at home. Ms. G has found love again and is so giddy about her man, we love talking about their weekly (nightly) date nights and wedding talk. I know I will manage and do great things in the classroom as lead teacher (another post on that to come) but I still can't help but worry that I will mess up. I'm still some what of a newbie and learning the ropes of the school. (June 1st will make 7 months that I've been there but only 5 months fulltime.) Wish me luck for a wonderful & successful summer, there's a lot at stake here being the lead teacher.

~DAY 217~


Brittany said...

Good luck sweet lady! You'll do great. That cake looks so yummy!

Janna Bogert said...

I didn't know you were a teacher! That's awesome. I have thought about substituting to see if I really want to do it. I could easily get certified to teach English, so maybe down the road!

Lisa Tyson said...

Seems like your co-workers are very fun to be with. People like this just makes the job easier. And I can quite honestly say if you have this people around it makes you look forward on coming to work everyday.