Thursday, May 10, 2012

You got a friend in me

We normally don't go out during the work week, its just more enjoyable to spend the evening at home. Tonight was different though the hubbs picked me up from the car dealer (having some maintenance stuff done to the challey) and we went home to freshin up. We had a 8pm YES eight PM dinner date!!! 
We were meeting up with another couple from our unit at the Flying Saucer. This is the same place were my birthday celebration started a few weeks ago. 
I met G last weekend when I helped with the Special Olympics but not his wife. I was a little nervous just because I can be a bit shy at first and quiet till I get to know you. The hubbs has no problem making friends, he just doesn't get that it takes me a bit longer. 

The first maybe 5-10 minutes (seemed like 30 min.) I didn't talk to A much at all. The guys were talking and carrying on, of course they work together why wouldn't they. I would randomly ask A a question here or there just to try and start a conversation. She was a very sweet down to earth kinda Gal. They are prego's expecting their first bundle of love the end of July. Once the conversations started  it wasn't to bad at all. 
It was a nice random night out, that wasn't planned. Sometimes I think days or nights like that are the best. Slowly but surly we are making friends out here, it just seems to be so much harder here vs. Hawaii. Which you would think it would be easier here because the unit is so much smaller. However its the complete opposite which makes things frustrating. I guess with it being a small unit you get to "know" (from people talking) who everyone is and how they are. 

There's that old saying "don't judge a book by its cover" well does that apply to meeting people as well because I don't think so. I'm generally pretty good a figuring someone out with in the first few moments of meeting them or at least by the end of the night. I've had a difficult time adjusting and meshing with some of the people I work with and I have a feeling its just going to get worse come the summer time. I keep telling myself less than 2 years but still that doesn't make it any easier. I'm honestly a easy going person and try to get along with everyone but if your not going to come back with the same kindness then I'm not going to waste my time. 
I can't help but always think back to the wonderful group of friends we had (still have) in Hawaii. Though some of us have left the island and moved on to new duty stations I still know we will always have our little group. Maybe there it was easier because we all depended on each other so much more since NO ONE had family to run to when they needed help. Maybe it was the environment and the fact that we simply all meshed so well. 
Whatever it was I MISS IT, so much that it hurts. I feel completely lost and misplaced here in the South. I make a friend and then one thing or another comes up and they are gone or life comes along and things change. I spend every possible moment I can with the hubbs which I absolutely LOVE but I miss my girls. I never imagined it would be this hard at the age of 26 to make friends. I know several people here yes but if I left tomorrow and never saw most of them again I wouldn't be heart broken. 
I'm hoping as time goes on I will be able to meet other MiliSpouses and make some strong bonds with them like I did in Hawaii. 
Until then its me and the pups when the hubbs is at work. 

~DAY 210~


Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

thank you for your husband's sacrifice and for yours, as well. i love your blog!


Janna Bogert said...

I think stressing about it is making it worse...I don't have a ton of MilSpouse friends here, and the girls at work HATED me for the first 6 months. I stuck it out and now I have some AMAZING relationships. If I had stressed about it or been negative towards the situation- I still wouldn't have any friends. For now, just enjoy all of your blog friends (me..duh), and then be open when new friends might come along!

I know that you miss Hawaii, but you need to embrace your situation now! Stop living in the past or the future that might happen. I know that you don't like the "South", but as someone raised in the South- I promise that it will grow on you ;) Buck up buttercup! PS. Don't be mad that I just got a little too honest. I'm sex deprived- it's not my fault! Haha.