Tuesday, December 28, 2010

30 B4 30

With 2011 just a few days away now, I have been thinking a lot about the future and whats in store. We will be finishing out our 2ND deployment, I'll turn 25 in April and Gabe will turn 28 in May , we will be married for 4 years come November and will make our 2ND big move as a married couple back to the mainland. A lot has changed over the last 4 years being with Gabe and I have grown so much closer to him and we have become so much stronger as a couple.
Our life in the Army living in Hawaii has opened my eyes to a whole new world and shown me things & taken me places I never could of imagined possible. As I look forward and think about the next big milestone in my life......turning that is. I want to make the BEST out of the next 5 years and our future together. My friend J gave me this idea and once I started thinking the ideas were endless. So in NO particular order at all here is a list of things that I want to do before I'm THIRTY!!!!!

1~Visit the major Islands of Hawaii : The Big Island, Kauai, Maui
CHECK~April 4, 2009, May 22, 2010, July 28-31, 2011
2~Take a ride in a SeaPlane
CHECK~March 8, 2011
3~Pay off both our cars & stay debt FREE
4~Have A kid. (ONE)
5~Be in two states at one time
7~Visit the United States Capitol ~ Washington DC
CHECK~ DC Trip w/ The Spouse May 29, 2012 
8~Take a road trip across the mainland both w/ Gabe & again w/ a girlfriend
CHECK ~ October 14-15, 2011
9~Visit Mt. Rushmore
10~Go on a cruise w/ Gabe
11~Horse back riding w/ Gabe
CHECK~ March 3, 2011
12~Go to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii
CHECK~ January 30, 2011
13~Get into the best shape of my life
14~Go on a Hot Air balloon ride
CHECK ~ Happy Anniversary to US!
15~Run a Half Marathon
16~Visit New York City for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
CHECK ~ November 20-24, 2012 (still need to blog it)
17~Visit New York City for the New Years Eve Celebration
18~Sky Dive
CHECK~ August 6, 2010
19~Take a Photography class
20~Go Kayaking
CHECK~ March 6, 2011
21~Run a Marathon.
22~Swim w/ Sharks
CHECK~ December 27, 2009
23~Get a Tattoo
CHECK~ August 9, 2008
24~Have 5 year Anniversary photo's taken November 9, 2012 (like engagement photo's)
CHECK~5 Year Pictures!!
25~Learn how to drive Standard
26~Lose 10-20 lbs.
27~Take a Culinary class
28~ Go to Australia together
29~Make out w/ Gabe in the rain
30-Forgive & Fall in Love with Turning 30
31~Finish the list before I turn 30 : Deadline April 21, 2016

I just don't want life to pass me by and I want to make sure WE have fun while We can. I'll keep you updated on my progress and mark the list off as I accomplish things. What are some things on your 30 b4 30 bucket list???


♥ Annie ♥ said...

This is a cute idea! I've seen it floating around the net...I think I'm gonna come up with a list for myself too. Haha...as if I need to add any more lists to my life :) I'm gonna try though.

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Oh Annie, I hear you on the list. I have list for everything it seems like.