Saturday, December 25, 2010

~Mele Kalikimaka~

Mele Kalikimaka from Gabe & I to you & your Ohana!!! I hope this Holiday season brings you JOY and LOVE were ever you may be. I'm truly blessed to have the best gift of all and that's my most amazing HUSBAND!!! Love you BABE!!!!

Mele Kalikimaka & Hau’oli Makahiki Hou
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I have never been more happy for a year to end than I am 2010. It really has been an amazing year, although we’ve had some really great times there has been a few tough times as well. The newest addition to our family is my 2009 Dodge Challenger, which just so happens to be my pride & joy. I am still working at the Child Development center. Gabe has attended many different field trainings & schools over the last year. We managed to squeeze in a lot of exploring all over the island through out the weekends. Hiking many trails & seeing some beautiful sites. Exploring some new beaches & parts of the island we had not yet seen. We have even discovered a dog beach on Hickam Air Force Base that we have started taking the pups to, which they love. Speaking of them they are doing well, getting big. They bark a lot & are totally spoiled but we wouldn’t trade them for anything. While Gabe was away in February - April at NTC (National Training Center in Cali.) he went in front of the Promotion board & passed. Meaning he was up for his next Rank. I had the chance to see the USMC Silent Drill Platoon preform. I have to say it was pretty amazing. My mom came out for a visit in March & I got to play tourist & take her around to all my favorite spots. We celebrated Easter with the Woodside’s at their house with lots of food. For our birthdays this year we celebrated BIG in our own little way. The end of April we had a Mexican themed dinner party @ our home & invited all of our closest friends. In May we made a trip to Kauai, it was definitely different from Oahu. Our big stop was the Waimea Canyon, which was absolutely beautiful. Much smaller than the Grand Canyon big still huge. June brought us back to the Valley of desert, Arizona it was. It was a wonderful trip but a sad one as well. As we enjoyed lots of time with family & the Clingers. We also said our goodbyes to Grandma Gabriel whom we love & miss dearly. Finally this trip back home we were making our way to the Grand Canyon for two days. Neither of us had ever been there, crazy I know seeing’s Gabe has lived there for quiet some time now. It was amazing to see how big it really was & then to be able to compare it to the Waimea Canyon was even better. We spent the entire day walking the side of the rim taking in the view. The next morning we woke up bright & early to watch the sunrise & I though I was going to freeze my booty off. I definelty have been spoiled by the Hawaiian weather. July was the hardest month of them all. D day rolled around & my world just fell apart. Gabe deployed to Iraq for his 2nd tour supporting OIF & OND. This go around is 12 months vs. 15 like the first time, still didn’t make things any better for me. Not only did I have to send my husband off again but I had to say “goodbye” to my dearest closest friends on Island. I love the army but I hate it as well. Having to send the Woodside’s off just 8 days after Gabe left was the worst feeling ever. We have grown so close to them over the last year, they are family to us & we can’t wait to get back on the mainland to see yall again. We love & miss you dearly. I got a awesome replacement staff in my classroom at work. Her name is Sarah a new army wife herself & we have become fabulous friends. Its awesome how quickly your friendship grows & how strong they become when its a “army family”. Im so grateful to have both her & her husband in our life. Late July Gabe was finally promoted to Staff Sergeant, I am so proud of him & all he has accomplished in the last 5 years in the army. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the two of us. He has been keeping busy downrange, with going to the gym a lot & working out. He say’s going to the gym helps pass the time & keep him busy. Last he said he has lost almost 15 lbs. They go out on patrols often, he attend’s more meeting than I can count. All in all he is doing well & staying safe, just waiting for R&R to come around which should be some time next spring. Since Gabe has been gone I have been a busy bee, trying to help the time pass quickly. I’ve been Skydiving 3 time’s & absolutely love it. It’s a must if you come to Hawaii, truly a adrenaline rush. Late September the Blue Angels came to Hawaii & I had the chance to see them preform. Through out October a group of us managed to make our way to the different Haunted Houses on island. In November we celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary, sadly apart this year. The 9th not only is our wedding anniversary but its also the anniversary of Gabe joining the Army. This makes 5 years with only 15 more to go to retirement. I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at the house with a few of our close friends, I love the army family we have made here. We will be thinking of all of you this Christmas & pray that you have a Blessed day with your family. I will be spending it with Gabe’s mom who is coming out for a visit. We wish you all well in whatever it is that 2011 may bring you & your family. We miss each & every one of you & hope to see our family on the mainland soon. (as of now we should be moving back to the mainland (were we don’t know) sometime late 2011, so we will keep yall posted.)
Lots of Love from Iraq & Hawaii
The Gabriel Ohana!!!!! 2010

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