Monday, November 8, 2010

Its a BOY!!!!

I had the chance to host my first baby shower at my house today. It was for my sweet friend Julie and her baby to come Carson. Julie and I met via facebook back in Feb. of 2010 and our friendship has just grown from there. I was honored to be apart of such a special time in her life. Seeing's she is a new army wife, her hubby is deployed and this is her first baby there is alot going on for her. I wanted to be able to make things just alittle bit easier and take care of her shower.
Once I started talking to Sarah my co-worker about the shower and everything I had planned (she knows Julie as well) she was all over wanting to help. We had the menu planned, the event was at 1pm so light snacks was a must. Sarah is a Cup Cake Queen and offered to do the Cup Cakes as the cake and use her fabulous holder as well for the table center piece. With a couple games planned out to do and Starbucks gift cards for the winners, frozen punch to drink & lots and lots of gifts and good friends I think we had a wonderful time. I have to say that this chickadee is one blessed girl, all of her friends that came showered her with love and joy and sweet words of wisdom for the mommy to be.
He parents were in town for the weekend as well (we planned the shower for when they would be here) so her mom was able to attend, which I'm really happy we were able to do. I loved being able to open up my home for my friends to gather and enjoy time together. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with the ones I love. Everyone was so grateful for everything we did and couldn't stop thanking us, "it was our pleasure" Sarah and myself said as we told everyone "we love playing Susie House Wife". :) I can't wait to host the next event or get together at our home, I think next on the agenda is THANKSGIVING!!!!

~part of the gift I got her~

~Sarah's diaper cake gift~

~the fabulous cup cakes~

~the good's~

~the host's & mommy to be~

~daughter & mommy~

~writing my advice to her~

~Sarah taking down who brought what~

~she loved the outfit so much, she got teary eyed~

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