Friday, December 30, 2011

ISO or ForSale

Yes that's right, I've come across a new FB page here in SC, Columbia / Lexington area. Its called For Sale Wanted or Free in (insert city). There tends to be a ton of baby / children's items as well as video games & consoles, I guess those are popular items that people go through. I'll randomly take a gander on there to see if they have anything worth wild but normally its just all cyber looking. It amazes me what people try to sell on there and the condition that its in, some good and some I'd be embarrassed to post on line if those were my items lol. But to each their own I guess right.

When we moved into our house here on base we still had another week before we got our HHG's but we were getting cable installed before then. Only problem is we needed a TV here at the house for the cable guy to hook up the cable up with. We ended up going to the PX and picking out a cheap one for a couple hundred bucks to hold us over. Well it served its time for a week then went up to the office & has been sitting there ever since. We don't want to put a TV in our bedroom & we really don't have a need for it any were else in the house. That's when it hit me, why not post it on the ISO or For sale page. I confirmed with the hubbs and he was fine with it, I mean a bit of extra cash in our pocket vs. it sitting on the floor in the office. We went with the CASH of course.
I gathered up all the information I could on the TV took a couple quick pictures and posted it on the FB page. Within 5 minutes I already had 2 people really interested in it and wanting to look at it. Score, just 15 minutes later and it was SOLD. Long story short we ended up selling it for a $100 less than what we paid for it which was still a good chunk of cash in our pocket.
I was happy, 2 hours later we went to meet up with the buyers and made the exchange.
It was that easy, to bad I didn't think to do that earlier & we could have had it out of our way a month ago.
WoW ~ now its got me pondering I know were I will turn to next time we are needing to sell or get rid of something. Best part it was all done from the comfort of my couch w/ out any service charges.
kinda makes me wonder if they had something like this in Hawaii & I just never knew about it.


❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

They have a few facebook pages and groups like that for all of the branches on the island.

Anonymous said...

check out there are lots of locations you can chose from. Its suppose to be areas near bases and its free to list and sell without all of the craigslist drama.