Thursday, December 22, 2011

Congaree National Park

DAY 70

Out on another Adventure

This morning we went decided to check out the 2ND of two National parks here in Columbia. It's pretty close to home so that's nice the only crummy part about it is they don't allow dogs on the board walks. We like taking the pups on outings like this when we go so them not being able to tag along was a bit of a bummer. Along the way there is was drizzling a bit so we knew things were going to be wet, I guess all in all it was good they couldn't come. Everything was wet and muddy so they would have been a mess trying to check everything out.
There are several different trails that lead you through the park, they mainly run along a creepy swamp. The bridges along some parts are almost right even with the swamp water, I was sure to watch my step real close so I didn't slip and fall. That would have been a complete disaster that I would never live down. Since it had rained right before we got there parts of the board walk was still really slippery. Every now and then I could feel my shoes slip a little and only once did I fall :( I was going down a slight hill and smack right on my knee, no worries though I managed to stay clean.

We walked about 5 miles total that led us around the 3 mile loop of Weston Lake & also around the 2 mile board walk loop. The views were nice from the ginormous trees to the watching the squire's run around. It was a bit muggy out today from the rain so that left us feeling sticky and sweaty. We had a great time it was nice to get out, walk around and explore a area we hadn't been to yet. Slowly we are finding our niche in the South I hope that we will continue to feel more at home here. Today definitely was something that we enjoy doing together, getting outside and going for a walk / hike. (some people consider the trails hiking but there aren't any hills or mountains to climb so to me its just walking)
We both agreed that we like Congaree Park over Sesquicentennial because it's much bigger more area to explore and a lot less crowded. Through out our whole two hours there we saw maybe 3 different families.
I'm looking forward to going back again soon and taking another trail to see more of the park. Although I'm not to sure how much we will make the visit during the summer months, I hear that they are pretty killer here.

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Whit said...

Always love going for walks! Great pictures!