Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sneak Peak :)

I've waited a bit to share our Anniversary / Christmas photos for 2011 but I can't wait any longer. I was waiting till I got our Christmas Cards in the mail before I posted them and now that they have been sent and already received by a few I though I'd post them. I am in love with the way they turned out and couldn't be happier. I will post a picture of our Christmas card we sent out here soon for you all to see as well. The hubbs did a great job this year with helping me pick it out and put it together I'm really happy that he helped as much as he did with it. Normally that's not his thing and I prefer to do it because will I'm kinda a OCD freak when it comes to things such as this, but I'm trying harder to not make such a big deal about everything being PERFECT. It sounds easy but trust me coming from someone who has to have everything just a certain way letting back on the ropes some can be hard.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do, Happy Looking!!!!!!!!!!

~Married 4 fantastic fabulous years~

~yearly photos, can't wait to see this 10 years from now~

~he has the best kisses ever~

~i'm so happy to be spending the holidays together this year~

~Merry Christmas from the Gabriel's~

How did I ever get so lucky, I love this man with all my heart and I'm head over heels ecstatic that we get to spend every moment of our life together!!!!!

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lilmoomoo said...

Ahhh!!! These are so awesome!
You all make such a beautiful couple! :)
Every single one is great!