Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolution

Every year thousands of people make New Years Resolutions to better themselves & their lives. I myself am one of those people who makes the once a year resolution. Last year my resolution was to spend every minute I can with my husband, being in the Army makes it more difficult than a normal family. We did this very well and took advantage of each and every free moment we had to explore the island & make new memories together. The second part of my resolution for 2010 was to get our finance's ready to purchase a home of our own. Now we may not have gone through with the home purchase because I ended up staying in Hawaii during the deployment but we did however get our finance's more the way we want them and I have to say we are quiet happy with the way things turned out.

As far as my / our resolutions for 2011 I was at a loss. I had asked Gabe if he was going to make one and he said "no". He's not your typical follow the crowd, do as everyone else is doing kinda guy. When he asked if I was I had told him "I didn't really know" and then suggested we make one together. He agreed and we decided we would think what we wanted our resolution to be and get back to it. Well needless to say neither of us really came up with anything and just kind of left it to be. While I did have something rather simple in mind, I told him and he agreed it was a good idea. I chose to give up fast food till he came home for R&R. When I told my love this he said that is good its bad for you any how. I replied with "what are you a health freak now???" He said "no, its never been healthy but it's good so why not enjoy it." Like I said he is not your typical guy. lol (I / we don't eat fast food a lot at all we enjoy home cooked meals, but every now and then a drive through meal makes it's way into our home.) Why R&R you ask, well it's only a start. It gives me a semi short term goal and after R&R I can set a new end time frame such as "no fast food till He comes home from deployment." And then possibly by then it will be completely cut out of our daily lives.

There is a second part to my lovely 2011 New Years Resolution and that is to take full advantage of the beautiful sunny weekends. I have plans to spend as much time as I can on the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying the rays trying to get through some of the books I have. I won't live in Hawaii forever so I have got to enjoy it while we are here. Even if its only for a few hours each time, I'll be there relaxing with my feet in the sand and a good book in my hand. I have found a small little spot right off the North Shore about a 10-15 minute drive from post depending on the traffic that I enjoy going to. This weekend I made my way out there twice and when I left I felt so much better with myself for getting out there and taking in the beautiful view and starting my new resolution.

Here is to a new start on a new year and many changes to come in the future!!!!!!! 2011~ may it bring you peace, love and joy and reunited with your loved ones if you are apart from them.
One other thing that I do plan on trying to implement into my daily life in 2011 is to be better at keeping in touch with my family and friends on the mainland. Something that seems so simple yet I still struggle with this. I have a few ideas in mind on how to do this so I am excited to see how things pan out. :)

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