Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sea Life Park

One place neither of us have been to since living in Hawaii was Sea Life Park. I had heard mixed reviews about it and so I was kind of hesitant about going. One morning while hanging out at the house Gabe was googling & suggested that we go. He went further than that and suggested we do one of the activities that they offer. (He'd already picked one) Before I could really do any reading / research on it he was already on the phone calling to check in to it. UMmmmm hello were is my husband and what have you done with him.

He is NOT big in to touristy things around the island were I am. He doesn't care much for the water were I do. He likes to eat fish & they don't bother him were as I FREAK at the sight of one swimming with in 10 feet of me. So when he suggested doing the Sea Trek Tour I was shocked. I was a tiny bit nervous as well seeing's the fact that I don't do well with fish.
Our friends Sarah & Brian came with us as well to join in on the fun. We went early so we would have time to look around and see the park before our reservation time for our tour. It was nice not some were I would go again, its kind of a one time thing I though. We did have a great time and the weather was perfect which made for a fantastic day.

(signing their life away before the Sea Trek Adventure)

Once we reached the platform area were we had to change in to our wetsuits & we were briefed on what we would be doing in the water I became a bit more nervous. Hearing her tell us about how we would be feeding Lucky the stingray right out of our hand and the other fish as well. OMG, my heart was pounding and my legs were shaking. Clearly if this was dangerous they would not allow people to do it but I was still scared. I told Gabe, S & B that I couldn't go in first and I couldn't go in last. Once suited up we had to get in the water stand on a latter & the instructor placed a helmet like thing on our heads. It allows you to breath underwater with out the water in your face or a snorkel in your mouth. So that was really nice, made me a bit closterfobic at first but I adjusted well. Finally it was time to make our way down the 17 foot latter, with another instructor going down right beside me it still felt like I would never reach the bottom. Walking down I was so scared, Gabe went in first and was waiting for me when I got to the area were we stood. So to see him standing there and alive I was relieved. Sarah & Brian slowly made there way down as well, one at a time. Once we were all in place we were given leaves of lettuce to hold and feed the fish. They would just come right up and eat it right out of our hands, kinda freaked me out at first. I was afraid they were going to bit my hands off. We each had the chance to feed Lucky the giant stingray a shrimp and a clam (still in the shell) right out of our hand. You hold it in the palm of your hand & once he swims over in front of you just open your hand and he grabs it right up. It had to be the creepiest thing I had ever done, to feel his mouth rub against my hand and feel him grab the food out. Ewh it just creeped me out like crazy, but at the same time it was really neat.

We played underwater Frisbee as well, it was pretty simple. We simply would just pass the Frisbee back and forth between us and the instructor. Sounds easy right, well it is as long as you can catch it before it floats to the top.
I finally faced another fear of mine and swam with the fish and even fed a stingray. There was even sharks in the tank swimming right around our feet. I'm glad that this was something that Gabe & I were able to do together, as well as with S & B.

We are definitely making the most of our time here in Hawaii, I love being able to experience all of these different things with Gabe & our friends.

(we weren't along to take underwater camera's but they did have someone take pictures for us. we purchased a few but they were print outs.)

Trying different flavors of Jelly Belly's they had some of the strangest flavors. Brian and I just watch and laughed as Gabe and Sarah had fun with them. No way was I trying something that could possibly taste like skunk, buggers, puck, pencil shavings. You get my drift.

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