Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekly Review....

Its kinda become a routine around this here blog of mine since we don't have much going on right now.

*Monday~                  During my lunch break from work I decided to get my run out of the way for the day. I headed to The RiverFront Park down town in the Vista area to work on some interval training. I'm trying to slowly but surly get a little faster on my runs. I'm not trying to do this so I can finish the Marathon at a faster time but simply to make myself stronger and to eventually run at a faster pace all the way around. It was a HOT summer day but I pushed through and was so proud of myself. 
                                  This is the 2nd to last week for this cycle that we are in. The SIT in training Graduate NEXT Thursday. Come.On.Cycle.Break. So that means this week is Vic. Forge week. This is were the SIT stay out in the field all week Mon-Fri. and put everything to the text that they have learned over the last 9 weeks. This also means that the hubbs has to stay out there as well, he might get to come home one night but we aren't holding our breath. He needed a few things from home so I made the 20 minute drive out to the range after dinner tonight and was so happy to see him when he pulled up.

*Wednesday~      I headed back out to the RiverFront Park on my lunch to get another run in because I had Spin class later that evening after work. A co-worker went with me and it made the run go by much quicker. She is slowly getting into running and working out more so it was nice to talk to her about it and help encourage her along. It was hot of course but thankfully not nearly as bad as Monday. That evening after work I headed up to Jamie Scott Fitness were my girl Kelly was teaching Spin class. I absolutely fell in love with spin last spring but after a brutal run day adding that in I was feeling it that night. I always try to push myself as much as I can because I figure if I don't I'm simply wasting my time and money paying for the class. So no matter how hard it hurt I gave it my all. I know I'm only helping myself and when my Marathon Day gets here I'll be so happy I put forth the extra work. 
*Thursday~              It was another run day this time after work with Kelly and sweet little Luc. We waited a little later in the evening to go hoping it wouldn't be as hot. Boy were we wrong, it might have been a degree's or two cooler but not much. Never the less it was a good run and we made it through. Since we are planing to do a long-ish run on Sunday we kept it short today, not to over work ourselves to much. The hubbs was able to come home tonight after some back and forth with some of the other Drill SGT. I was so happy because he was able to get ready for the board he was selected to go to on Friday. (side note: he didn't make it- it was for drill sgt of the month, he said some new guy got it..lame) We cooked dinner together (picture fail, but it was good) I picked up the house while he study and we called it a early night. 
*Friday~                   It was so nice being able to wake up to him Friday morning before we both went off to work. That doesn't happen very ofter for us because he has to be in so early. Getting ready and being able to spend some time together made for a great way to start my Friday. Even though he as to work this weekend it put a smile on my face to have that time with him. That evening when I got home I finished up dinner (Hello Crock Pot) and got it in the oven. We double teamed it and cleaned the back yard and mowed, followed by the ever so lovely laundry. I tried to get some of my normal weekendly duties done tonight so I wouldn't have to worry with it as much this weekend. 

                                  No plans as of yet for the weekend, other than cleaning up the house and getting somethings organized. I might make a trip to the local Soda City Market (no its not a soda as in coke market, that's just the name) on Saturday to take a walk around but we shall see. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!! 
I'll leave you with this one last picture I borrowed from a fellow runner......
I believe I can do it and I will do it....come on November 9th.....its just gonna be me, some tunes and the streets. 



Marisa H. said...

It looks like you are doing an amazing job!! Keep it up and I look forward to cheering you on from a distance in November!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

YOu are killing it on the work out regime! I am sure you will be fit and trim for the marathon.