Sunday, July 28, 2013

last weekend....

I decided to head down to the Soda City Market this morning to get my mind off some horrible news I found out this morning. (more on that to come) I walked around a bit treating myself to some freshly squeezed lemonade. It was so refreshing and hit the spot on this hot summer day!!!! 
While living in Hawaii My "Spouse" introduced us to Frosty Paw's puppy ice cream. We get it all the time for the pups and they just love it. There is a local vendor that makes and sells homemade Popsicles and Pupsicles. I decided to pick up two on my way out to take home for our fur babies to try. They were a little confused at first but quickly finished them off. 
Later that evening after the hubbs made it home from work I decided to do a little baking. It was a first for these Chocolate Chewy Reese's Cookies, and although they were good I don't know that I'll be making them again. They just didn't hold there shape well. When you would go to pick one up to eat it, it would just fall apart. 
Sweet Sweet Kelly!!!! She's converting my over more and more to a true Southern Girl. I love everything Monogrammed. "If its not moving Monogram it right"!!!! She got me this cute tank and had my initials monogrammed on the back of it. This was my end of the year gift from her and Lucy. I just got it a little early :) Isn't it so cute, and its super comfy as well. 
She had herself one made as well, and then had a bright idea to start selling them through the summer. She's always on the go and looking for fun idea's to keep her busy. She asked if I would help promote them on my facebook page and it just took off from there. 
Sunday morning we went for a long run and half a mile in to our 8 miles she needed a potty break. Taking a random turn on to a street we never go on led us to this not so lovely porto-john. ewh ewh ewh, but I guess when you gotta go you gotta go. It was a great morning run, I'm feeling stronger and stronger every day. I can't wait for the Marathon to get here, well I kinda can because I still have lots of training to do. But you get what I mean right. 
It was a good morning in the South to get a run in!! Headed home to spend the rest of the day lounging around with my love!!! Happy Weekend everyone!!!!


Unknown said...

i have totally heard about frosty paws...i must look into that for a friend!!

Sisters Marie
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Kym said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE your shirts!!