Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America!!!

The hubbs had to work this morning till about 2ish so I was home alone. What to do with myself on my day off.....After lounging around for a couple hours I decided I'd better make the day productive since I had it off. I headed out for my run with the pups, you know I'm training for a FULL Marathon so gotta keep at it. We were almost home about half a mile from the house and Bailey (the pups below) was done. She'd had enough, she was hot and tired and wasn't moving. I felt so bad for my sweet girl, so we stopped and took a break for a minute. While I was standing there petting her I was stung by a bee through my shirt. Thankfully I'm not allergic to them or anything but still hurt like a wide fire. Finally after she gathered herself we made a detour through the woods for a quick trip home. It got brutal out there after awhile. 
After doing a little clean up around the house I got started on some baking for the evenings festivities. First up on the list was Red, White and Blue Cupcakes for the kiddos. Nothing fancy just your regular box cupcake mix. Hey the kids will never know they aren't homemade right. As long as its sugary and tastes good they are happy happy happy. 
Followed by a first for me, a homemade Banana Cream Pie. I wanted to try my hand at something different and cooling since we were gonna be out in the hot heat for a majority of the evening. It turned out absolutely amazing and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was so pretty I almost didn't want to cut into it. I held it in my lap on our way to our cookout because I didn't want anything to happy to it. :) 
One of the hubbs favorite holiday treats is Rice Krispie Treats so I had to add that on the dessert menu.  Of course with it being a Holiday weekend I had to continue with the Red, White and Blue color theme. Just wouldn't have been the same with out it. 
After the hubbs got home from work and a quick nap we headed down the street to our friend's house to meet up with some others. What was suppose to be a small gathering of about 6-7 of us turned into a large shindig of over 20 people. We had so much food from burgers, hotdog with all the fixings, pasta salad, baked beans, chili, chips and dip, an assortment of fruits and veggies plus all the desserts I made, AND snow cones and s'mores. There was 2 water activities for the kiddos and a small bounce house. 
We all gathered in & outside enjoyed good company, sunny weather for a change and yummy food. It was so nice of the M family to open their home and have us all over. It was a great afternoon with my love seeing's as I wasn't expecting to be able to spend today with him because I figured he'd have to work all day. We ended up heading home before the fire works on post started (at the graduation field across from were we where) because the hubbs was super tired and we both had to get up early for work the next day. We ended the evening out with a little tv cuddle on the couch. 
All in all it was a low key but great 4th of July celebration. 


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Love the cupcakes, and you are right, the kids definitely dont care!

Marisa H. said...

Everything looked delicious!

Breanna said...

aw you are always making me hungry while reading your posts :) Looks like a fabulous 4th!

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

those cupcakes and rice krispies look delicious dear!