Sunday, June 30, 2013

Life this Week

Our favorite CupCake place has changed their summer daily special list and lets just say so far I'm LOVING it. Banana Split, Banana Pudding, Banana Butterscotch, Bourbon Pecan Pie to name a few.  
 We can never get to much time at the Doggie park. The hot summer days are make for early morning trips. 
This beautiful beauty got a total make over and now she's sparkling just like new again.  
 We decided to for go our evening run for a hard core 20 minutes (4 sets) of Tabata's let's just say my body was feeling it the next day big time. But the feeling after finishing is indescribable. 
 I joined the iPhone world finally after being a Mac / Apple lover for years. I mean I've had a MacBook Pro & a Ipad forever now so it only made since. Double bonus of getting a iPhone is that I can finally text my girl B in Germany and FaceTime with her whenever I want and do have to worry about chatting through FB. 
 Late night Date with the hubbs after dinner, we absolutely LOVE frozen yogurt and 32 degree's is right near post and they have a fabulous toppings bar. I kept it simply and classy with Vanilla Yogurt topped with sprinkles and reese cup pieces. 


Jamie said...

Yay for your iPhone. I never thought I'd be as attached to an electronic as I am to this phone.

Susannah said...

Isn't summertime awesome?!?! I'm pretty jealous of the cupcake van! :-)