Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our First Bloom

We planted SunFlowers back before the hubbs left for school in April and our first one finally bloomed the other night. I was so excited, they were getting so tall I was beginning to wonder when we'd see some pretty flower blooms. I came home Tuesday night after having dinner with the hubbs at his work to this beauty. The week before I left for my summer weekend get away in WV (post still to come) this stock fell over so I had to tie it up. I wasn't sure it would still weather the fall but it did great. I absolutely LOVE Sunflowers. Last year we planted them and they got tall but not nearly as tall as they have this year. 
 This just gives you a idea of how big the leaves are. 
 Our roof line for our lower leave has got to be about 6-7 feet I'm not a hundred percent sure on that but its gives you a idea on how tall they are. Crazy right?!?!?

 Isn't it just beautiful!!! I can't wait for the other ones to bloom, we have so many buds that look like they are going to pop just any day now. 

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Marisa H. said...

I am going to have to plant some sunflowers next year!! Those are beautiful and HUGE!