Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Life Get's in the Way

Sometimes life gets busy and we I forget to stop and smell the roses or flowers in my case. It seems like I've always got something going on, some were to be or something to do. But it never seems overly exciting or fancy. Non the less, I've got a busy life and I suppose that's a good thing right. So here's a little tidbit of what I've been up to over the last two weeks. 
If you follow me on Instagram you've seen most of these before I'm sure. I'm going away for the weekend and my goal before I leave was to get caught up with everything, which includes this here blog of mine. Let's just say that didn't happen. I still have a weekend adventure to recap from two weeks ago. Hello what has gotten in to me. I guess you could say that every free minute I have is spent with the hubbs when he is home from work. Remember we picked up a new cycle about 2 1/2 weeks ago so things have been a little crazy. 

I made a killer Pasta Salad a couple weeks ago for dinner. We ended up eating on it for 3 days before it was all gone. Def. a favorite meal for us. 
Everyone loves Chocolate Chip Cookies. I made about 5 dozen last Sunday night. We each took some to work to let everyone enjoy. :) Because we all know we don't need to keep them all in our house. 
Running, Running, Running and more Running. I tell you It's such a stress reliever. I feel like a totally different person after my runs. No matter how good or bad of a day I've had, It's def. the best way to clear my head. 
Did you know that June 5th was National Running either till I saw it posted all over FB. 
With it being National Running day on the 5th, that mint the registration fee for the Full Marathon I was wanting to do was discounted by $20. Not knowing if there would be a chance of it getting any lower than that I went ahead and bit the bullet as they call it and signed up. So it's official, I'll be running my first Full Marathon in Savannah, GA on my 6th Wedding Anniversary. No fingers crossed everything goes good and the hubbs will be off work and there to support me along the way. (even if he can't I know he'll be supporting me from home)

I'm not very good when it comes to planting, growing flowers and keeping them alive. Give me a Ivy and that's a different story. However we've had some really pretty flowers bloom from our seeds we planted a few weeks back.
I finally tested out my new pot that I got with my amazon gift card my brother got me for my birthday almost two months ago now. I say on the giftcard forever because I wasn't sure what I wanted to get and then when I decided and finally made the purchase, it took me a good couple weeks to finally use it. I made Hamburger Stew in it for the first time, it was actually really really good and super easy to make. Will def. be a keeper recipe, it would be great for during the cold winter months. I love the pot it makes a great addition to our cookware collection. 

With all the rain we've been having here lately the pups have been stuck in side a good bit. I feel bad for them to because they have so much energy to run out. I try to take them to the dog park as much as possible or at least for a walk when I get home from work. With our busy lives here lately they've been super lazy. Silly puppies and their tongues. :) 
 Now that It's official and I've signed up for my first Full Marathon I've been stepping up my gym classes / workouts. I'm really trying to work on my Strength and build up my Cardio as well. I'm still working at it and I think with anything it will take time to fully be able to do all of the exercises properly. Still I feel great afterwards so that's a good thing right. 

I hope you are all having a fabulous week and that you've got wonderful weekend plans. Thanks for hanging around and sticking with me. You ladies (and gents) are absolutely awesome!!!!! 


AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Yum, all this food looks delicious!

Jamie said...

Oh my. I can't believe you're going to do a full marathon. You're awesome.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

You have been busy! And it looks like (via instagram) you had a fun weekend in West Va to top it all off. Congrats on signing up for hte full!

Breanna said...

That pasta salad looks delicious! Recipe? :)